Preseason Scouting Report: OC Mike Pouncey, Florida

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Preseason Scouting Report: OC Mike Pouncey, Florida

Postby Pudge » Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:12 pm

Mike Pouncey
6-5/312, Senior


Shows good mean streak and does a nice job finishing his blocks. Athletic and is fluid when he's out in front blocking downfield on screens. Is quick to get on the second level and hits his assignments. Does a good job pulling and can engulf linebacker on the trap block. Does a good job initiating contact in pass protection with a good hand punch. Is able to get position as a run blocker. Shows nice lateral quickness.


Has a tendency to overextend in pass protection trying to deliver blow to defender. Makes him susceptible to the quick, inside move by the tackle. Doesn't show ideal footwork in pass protection as well when he's working on his heels. Will whiff on some blocks on the second level and when asked to cut block. Not great adjusting in space to the stunt.


Pouncey started at right guard last season beside his brother Maurkice, and it was clear the pair of them were Florida's best blockers. Most of their running plays run behind them. He is expected to move to center this year, and he should be effective there since he looks to have good, quick hands and does a nice job in a short-area. Also won't be as exposed due to iffy footwork as well. He's a player that can play both guard and center eventually on the next level, although he might be better suited at the latter. But either way his versatility will give him value, and he is a steady blocker for the Gators.

What I Want to See in 2010:

Mainly, see how he adjusts to his new position. I don't expect a difficult transition, but mainly I want to see how his hand speed works and whether or not he can handle the bigger nose tackles that often populate the SEC. I've seen him take on Terrence Cody one on one and win that battle last year, so he has the ability. If his current skills translate to the center and he improves his footwork, then he has a chance to really rise.

2011 Projection:

As a center prospect, he can sneak into the latter part of the first round particularly if targeted by an AFC team looking for someone that can take on 3-4 nose tackles. As a guard, not sure he's worth a first round pick, but his versatility could boost his stock. But barring a really poor season or some injury issues, he seems like a very good bet to be a Top 50 pick next year.
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