Preseason Scouting Report: CB Prince Amukamara, Nebraska

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Preseason Scouting Report: CB Prince Amukamara, Nebraska

Postby Pudge » Sat Aug 28, 2010 4:48 pm

Prince Amukamara
6-0/200, Senior


Has good speed and burst. Willing in run support and does a good job coming up on the edge to make the stop. Will cut the ballcarrier's legs, but also will wrap up. Shows good speed off the corner as a blitzer and can make plays in the backfield. Has good hips and is able to turn and run with receivers, showing good burst out of his breaks. Effective in both press and off coverage due to his quick hips. Shows a nice feel for zone and playing in space. Has good ball skills and can break up the pass.


Not a great tackler and will tackle high at times. Needs to do a better job breaking down in space. Can take some poor angles to the ball on the edge. Can have a tendency to come out high in his backpedal. Has some trouble jamming bigger wideouts, but usually quick to recover when he misses. Has a tendency to hand check when he's running with receivers downfield.


He has an excellent combination of size and speed. He can match up with most receivers. He has the potential to play in any scheme really and is a good all-around defender. He is a guy that will break up passes due to his ball skills, and does a good job turning and locating the ball. Rarely gives up a free reception. Has the potential to be a top corner.

What I Want to See in 2010:

There really isn't a lot that Amukamara can do to improve his game. He could be a little more consistent and disciplined with his footwork and technique and could be more consistent in run support. But most of those kinks can be worked out on the next level and he appears to be very NFL ready right now. He doesn't face any real elite receivers this year, with most of the players he'll be asked to cover look to be middle/late round talent. How he fares against Malcolm Williams (Texas) will be interesting as he had some major difficulty jamming Williams in the Big 12 championship game last year. So there really isn't a lot to look for, just mainly that he maintains a decent amount of production i.e. double digit pass breakups.

2011 Projection:

He has the potential to be a very high draft pick, with definite Top 15 potential. I'm not sure he's physically imposing enough to be a Top 10 pick, but he should definitely be off the board by the middle of the first round assuming he doesn't take a big step back as a senior. You never really know with corners, but at this point I would expect him to be a lock as a first round pick. Even a player like Patrick Robinson who saw his stock dip a lot as a senior, still was snagged in the first. At worst, he'll probably go somewhere in the twenties in the first if he has an injury concern or poor workouts.
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