Preseason Scouting Report: QB Adam Weber, Minnesota

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Preseason Scouting Report: QB Adam Weber, Minnesota

Postby Pudge » Wed Aug 18, 2010 4:53 am

Adam Weber
6-1/211, Senior

Has a good arm, and nice mechanics. Can be slightly off on some easy throws. Showed good anticipation on a fade, but probably just trusted Decker to make the catch rather than making a great read/throw. Shows ability to pick up some yards with his legs when the pass breaks down. Has a bit of fire in his belly. Can make some excellent throws when given time. Will throw behind receiver on crossing routes. Will stare down receivers on several throws. Does a good job throwing down the seam downfield. Will force some throws and make some poor decisions from time to time. Has a strong arm, able to throw the ball 45 yards without planting his feet. Seems to trust Decker a bit too much.


Has good arm strength and good zip on most of his throws. Has good potential as a vertical passer and works well in the play-action game. Shows nice touch on his deep throws, particularly down the seam. Shows accuracy as a passer when he's given time. Shows some anticipation on his throws, and occasionally will look off the safety. Has a quick release, and fairly sound mechanics. Shows some mobility to buy himself extra time in the pocket and pick up yardage when the pass breaks down.


Needs to improve his decision making. Will hold onto the ball too long at times and take some unncessary sacks. Needs to go through his progressions quicker and do a better job of knowing when to throw it away. Will stare down his receivers and wait for guys to get open. Doesn't really have a strong rapport with his receivers other than Eric Decker. Tends to overly trust Decker a bit too much. His accuracy can be iffy at times, underthrowing some passes, throwing behind receivers and being off the mark on some of the easier throws.


Weber has good NFL tools. His main issue is his decision making. It just seems like every game he's prone to making a few mental errors, and with a team like Minnesota that isn't exactly loaded with top-level NFL talent, those can be game-changing. He had a strong rapport with Eric Decker, and there were times where Decker saved his butt on some throws. But if Weber can take a more cerebral approach, he could be a solid starting NFL quarterback. He doesn't have a howitzer of an arm, but is capable of making all of the throws. He shows good decision making at times, so it's not like he lacks the capacity, just that he needs to be more consistent in that area. He seems to show good leadership flashing some fire in his belly, and seems coachable. Right now he's a developmental prospect that if he can eliminate the mistakes from his game, flashes potential to be an NFL starter. Seems similar prospect to someone like Trent Edwards.


The main thing is whether Weber can continue to be an effective and efficient passer without Eric Decker to throw to. In the five games that Decker didn't play, he completed 48.7% of his passes last year, while he completed 54.5% of his passes in the 9 games that Decker did play. And in those non-Decker games, he relied heavily on TE Nick Tow-Arnett, who is also gone. So can he become a better passer without his favorite two targets? That will be the key. He'll need to improve his consistency and decision making.


While Weber has the potential to be a second round pick with a strong season, I don't expect that to be in the cards. He's likely to be a mid-round pick, likely targeted in the fourth or fifth round. Teams should like him because he appears coachable, and isn't going to be transitioning from a spread offense, and has NFL-level tools. But if he cannot put together a decent year, then he could fall well into the late rounds and potentially be undrafted.
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