My historical Falcon drafts

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My historical Falcon drafts

Postby Pudge » Fri Aug 06, 2010 1:02 am

I was bored today, and decided that I wanted to clean up some of the old files on my computer. And I stumbled upon an old doc from like 5 years ago where I had picked who I would have selected with the Falcons picks in the 2001-04 drafts. Here are the picks...pretty crappy until the '04 draft if you ask me:


1/1. Michael Vick, QB, Virginia Tech
2/35. Chad Johnson, WR, Oregon State
4/99. Cedric Scott, DE, Southern Miss
4/102. Marques Sullivan, OT/OG, Illinois
5/136. Keith Adams, OLB, Clemson
6/167. Keith Stokes, WR/KR, East Carolina
7/215. Ken-Yon Rambo, WR, Ohio State
7/219. Ennis Davis, DT, California
7/226. Brian Natkin, TE, UTEP
7/236. Char-ron Dorsey, OT, Florida State


1/18. Antonio Bryant, WR, Pittsburgh
3/80. Ramon Walker, SS, Pittsburgh
4/116. Victor Rogers, OT, Colorado
5/148. Andre Lott, CB/S, Tennessee
5/158. Joaquin Gonzalez, OT, Miami
6/184. Josh Thornhill, MLB, Michigan State
7/217. Steve Smith, CB/S, Oregon
7/244. Brian Poli-Dixon, WR, UCLA


2/55. Vince Manuwai, OG, Hawaii
4/121. Colin Cole, DT, Iowa
5/159. Clifton Smith, MLB, Syracuse
6/196. Torrie Cox, CB, Pittsburgh
6/202. Torrin Tucker, OG, Southern Miss
7/238. Robert JOhnson, TE, Auburn


1/8. Will Smith, DE, Ohio State
1/29. Kevin Jones, RB, Virginia Tech
3/90. Will Poole, CB, USC
4/101. Greg Brooks, CB, Southern Miss
5/142. Chad Lavalais, DT, LSU* (we actually took him with that pick)
6/186. Bobby McCray, DE, Florida
7/219. James Newson, WR, Oregon State

I had a strange affinity with players from Southern Miss. :roll:
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Re: My historical Falcon drafts

Postby thescout » Fri Aug 06, 2010 3:06 am

Man Pudge that was interesting looking back at your drafts. I'd have to say Ken Herock rubbed off on you pretty well. :lol: :lol: Don't know what happened but you wised up this past draft and crushed us all. :lol:
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