Scout's Mock Draft

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Scout's Mock Draft

Postby thescout » Sat Feb 18, 2006 1:49 am

OK after observing some other mock drafts thought I would post mine.

1. Tamba Hali - Def End Main reason I go def end is the lack of depth in this draft and the pressing need Falcon's need someone to start right away opposite Kerney.Has alot of hustle,may get engulfed by bigger players but will have to get better at getting by them.
2.Richard Marshall(Jets pick or another teams high 2nd pick for Schaub) - Corner glowing reports about this corner just hasn't got alot of media attention. Look for big things from Marshall.
2.Daniel Bullocks -Safety will be a steady player and eventually be able to play both strong and free safety.Very flexible player that will start for years.
3.Daryn Colledge - we all seem to be agreement that Colledge would fit well with the falcon off line.Plays both takle and guard.
3.Greg Blue (trade with Duckett for another teams 3rd rounder - safety will be a fan fav and an enforcer the Falcon's need.
4.Jerious Norwood - running back - speedy running back did well in all star camp.Groom to replace dunn
5.Steve Fiftia - def tackle I think the Falcon's need to sure up def tackle and Fiftia can plug up the middle to stuff the run
6.Drew Olsen - QB will fit well in the falcon offense
7.Donovan Raiola - need a center to hopefully unseat mcclure but being a rookie I don't see it.Will provide depth and maybe a starter in the future.
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Postby The_Incomparable » Sat Feb 18, 2006 12:45 pm

1) Not a Hali fan myself. People compare him to Alex Brown but he is nowhere near the athlete Brown was in college, nor is he the marquee name Brown was either throughout his career.

2) good pick
2) good pick, maybe a touch high for Bullocks but I wouldn't complain as he is solid.
3) good pick
3) Blue is a LB in the NFL, pointless to pick him. I would rather see us pick Ray Edwards or Victor Adeyanju here, or a DB or OL maybe.

4) good pick, I like Norwood too.

5) Fifita is another severely undersized DT, which I don't really care for considering our inability to stop the run.

6) great pick, if we can get him at this pick. I have us taking him in the 4th.

7) wow, if he falls this far I would be in hog heaven.
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