NFL Draft Blitz Notes 1/26 Senior Bowl

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NFL Draft Blitz Notes 1/26 Senior Bowl

Postby thescout10 » Thu Jan 26, 2006 8:21 pm

After reading these notes I am starting to think if Tye Hill last to the falcon's pick how do you not take a shutdown corner?With Deangelo and Hill would or could be the best corners in the NFL.

Senior Bowl Notes

By: Rob Bryant


After watching 11 hours of practice film of the 2006 Senior Bowl practice I am ready to give my report. First off let me just say that there has been some frustration with getting any consistent reports out of Mobile Alabama itself. The main reason for that is the different agendas; coaches, relatives and agents will always over estimate “their players”, the coaches and relatives have a personal stake and the agents want to make more money. Also NFL scouts will also put out a lot of mis-information; the NFL Draft is like a poker game, why would the NFL Teams want their opponents to know who they are thinking about drafting. So in saying that, the best way to evaluate these prospects is believing about 20% of what you hear, and about 80% of what you see. I can assure you that we here at NFL Draft Blitz have no secret agendas and have no relationships with agents like some other draft sites do. So here is what I have seen so far from the practices:


1. Jay Cutler has been all the buzz, he has a cannon for an arm and carries himself well, he has charisma, even came off a little cocky. I think Tennessee will have a difficult decision between him and Vince Young.

2. Brodie Croyle probably helped himself this week more than any other player, very accurate, nice size and can make all the throws. I think he has passed Charlie Whitehurst for that 4th spot now (QB ranking). My top 4: Leinart, Young, Cutler, Croyle. But be advised, the game has yet to be played and it’s still a long time until April.

3. Charlie Whitehurst is one of my favorites and at times he looks awesome, I am just a little concerned with his consistency, something that has plagued him for the last two years. He was very hot and cold this week.

4. Daryl Hackney came in at a short 5 foot 11 and did not prove to be accurate enough to play QB in the NFL. He has a cannon for an arm and throws a nice deep ball with touch, but his intermediate throws are all over the place.

5. Michael Robinson came into the week wanting badly to play QB and the coaches let him, after he struggled throwing the ball some NFL teams wanted him to play some wideout and he did. I look for him to get drafted in the 4th or 5th round to play wide receiver in the NFL.

Running backs:

1. DeAngelo Williams came in shorter than what people thought he was, at 5 foot 9 but he displayed such good talent that no one seems to care and why should they, height is not important for a running back. He has all the skills to be a franchise back in the NFL

2. The only other running back that really jumped out at me was Jerious Norwood from Mississippi State. He displayed a sudden burst and shows maturity by letting the plays develop, and then darting through the holes, he also showed nice hands.

Wide Receivers:

1. Demetrius Williams really surprised me with his hands; he made some spectacular catches and jumps up at the highest point to get the ball in the air. He has big, strong hands. He didn’t look to have blazing speed and had trouble getting separation at times, but he consistently came down with the ball in his hands and when it’s all said and done, that is what matters. The only thing that concerns me on him is his lack of bulk, at 188 pounds he is a tad skinny.

2. Derek Hagan didn’t really help himself in my opinion, he has never been known to be a blazer, but he didn’t look to be that quick in and out of his cuts and he dropped too many catchable balls.

3. WR Maurice Stovall is flying up the draft boards gentleman, he has his weight down from 230 to 216 and he is looking fantastic. When a player comes into the post season with that kind of commitment and motivation it sends a strong message about his desire to play the game. On top of that he looked quick and strong and was getting open all week.

4. Travis Wilson is finally healthy and ready to make a run up the draft boards, he looked good early, consistently getting open but faded a little down the stretch.

5. Jason Avant is another guy that had an up and down week, he didn’t look that good early but made some excellent catches later in the week.

6. Sinorice Moss was a guy that caught my eye, a lot of people don’t like him because he is only 5 foot 6, but his speed is just breathtaking. He can start and stop on a dime. Kelly Jennings was one of the better corners on the field and he couldn’t cover him. He caught the ball well and looks to be a nice deep threat in the NFL. I wouldn’t be surprised if Moss is the fastest player at the combine.

7. Devin Aromashodu from Auburn is a guy that is not well known, but he caught my eye with some nice catches. He is a rising star and could be a sleeper at the next level.

Tight Ends:

1. Marcedes Lewis had a little trouble getting off the line and wasn’t the best blocker, but he easily separated from linebackers and defensive backs in the open field and caught everything thrown his way. He is a weapon in the red zone.

2. Garrett Mills was a surprise, ran nice routes and had great hands. More of an H-back than a true tight end but he has some skills.

3. Joe Klopfenstein did a solid job all day catching the ball. Found the open seams in the defense and made several nice receptions in the middle of triple teams. Nice effort blocking and plays with solid fundamentals, but not over powering. Disappointed a little in that he did not show a quick burst of acceleration off the line.

4. T.J. Williams didn’t help himself, he just had too many drops.

Offensive Tackles:

1. D’Brickashaw Ferguson was everything advertised, one of the best pass blockers to ever come out of the college ranks in quite some time, I think he will get more dominate run blocking as he gets stronger. He silenced his critics when he came in at a buff 6-6 297 pounds. He has long arms and knows how to use them, as he should he is a black belt in karate.

2. Jonathan Scott is very athletic and had great feet, he isn’t dominate at the point of attack but he has a lot of upside and displayed excellent versatility by playing on the left side, right side and deep snapping.

3. Ryan O’Callaghan had a decent week, he is huge at 6-6 340 pounds but carries it well. He needs to use his hands better and continue working on his footwork. I rate him higher at this point than the Cowboy’s Rob Petteti and Ryan is true right tackle.

4. Eric Winston looked good at times but then at other times he seemed to have trouble moving his feet. He is definitely not the talent that many thought he was, but he is intriguing. He is healthy now and giving 100%.

5. Marcus McNeil came in late and missed the weigh in, but I don’t think he looked as bad as what was being reported. He isn’t very fundamentally sound, kind of top heavy, loses his balance a lot and tries to head butt his opponents too much, but he moves and slides well for a giant. The guys listed size was 6-8 335 pounds.

6. Jermemy Trueblood looked like crap, he got beat on the outside all week long, his stock has to be falling like a rock. He is probably too tall to play guard at 6-8 and he doesn’t have the feet to play tackle.

7. Albert Toeaina from Tennessee was another player that was way out of his league, he couldn’t block anybody and was abused badly.

8. Daryn Colledge is what he is, a tough, strong guy with physical limitations. He has short arms and doesn’t use his hands real well, but he is a fighter. He was moved inside to guard for a while, but I didn’t really see how he did. He might be better suited to play guard.

Offensive Guards:

1. Charles Spencer was moved back inside to his rightful guard position and he was dominating. This guy is a converted defensive tackle, so he is a little raw, but he is getting better by leaps and bounds. He dominated his opponent on almost every play all week. Spencer might be sneaking up into the 1st round.

2. Max Jean-Gilles is a manimal, this is shaping up to be an awesome guard class. Max is a man among boys and a real mauler. He man handled his opponents all week.

3. Deuce Latui is another guy that looked good, with Rob Sims dominate performance at the Hula Bowl and these three guys, it might be a great year for guards. But back to Latui, he is a giant at 6-3 338 and can move pretty good, he is strong against the bull rush, he just has to learn not to lean in with his head so much because it makes him off balance.


Nick Mangold was clearly the best center and held up nicely against some powerful and talented defensive tackles that tied to bull rush him. He held his ground and even though he is not a giant he plays with excellent leverage and knee bend.

Defensive Tackles:

1. Broderick Bunkley was almost un-blockable, consistently getting into the backfield with multiple moves. He is a load, holds his ground well and recognizes the plays fast, moves down the line and makes plays. Unfortunately he suffered a concussion and won’t play in the actual game.

2. Gabe Watson has been a force on the inside, very powerful and strong. After a sub par season he looks like he is finally motivated and ready for the next step. If he stays in shape he can be a force. Watson really raised his stock, now he has to shine in the game itself.

3. Jesse Mahelona had an up and down week, he comes in a little low at times and gets driven to the ground, but he came on strong later and proved to be a force on the inside. Looks like a big run plugger.

4. Babatunde Oshinowo came in quite a bit smaller that his 320 pound listed weigh, at 6-1 302 he might not be the prototype nose tackle that many thought he would be. He did look quick and explosive however and he plays with low pad level and uses nice leverage. He didn’t hurt his chances in the NFL.

4. Orien Harris flashed some quicks on occasion and had a couple of impressive sacks, but had trouble coming off blocks. I don’t think he really stood out at all.


1. DeMeco Ryans came in a little light at 6-1 229 and didn’t look very good in the drills. Coach Mike Singletary was hounding him like a dog and he looked either tired or unmotivated. Look back at the film, number 35 was Ryans and he was getting eaten up. He did however look good in coverage.

2. Chad Greenway was probably the star for the linebackers; he was incredible in coverage and very athletic with prototype size. He used to be a safety in high school so it doesn’t surprise me.

3. Manny Lawson was mainly used as a defensive end, but I think at 6-5 240 pounds he will be an outside (3-4) linebacker. He didn’t disappoint, not only a terror rushing the passer, but a special teamer and looked very fluid and athletic in space. He is just a little taller and thinner than the Cowboy’s DeMarcus Ware or else I would say they are clones.

4. D’Qwell Jackson looked pretty darn good to me, not the best in coverage but is a great run plugging inside linebacker, not the biggest guy in the world but he is a football player and only helped himself at the Senior Bowl. I will say that on 3rd and long though he might be a guy that is taken out of the game, which might lower his draft stock slightly.

Defensive Ends:

1. Mathias Kiwanuka was probably the biggest story coming out of the Senior Bowl week, and not for a good reason, he just couldn’t get by any of the tackles. He seems to only have the one swim move.

2. Kameron Wimbley on the other hand was explosive around the edge and was just too fast for the offensive tackles. At 6-3 245 though, he might be another one that is moved to outside linebacker in the NFL.

3. Elvis Dumervil is kind of a mixed bag, he came in at a shockingly short 5 foot 11 and didn’t get good pressure in pass rushing drills. He got engulfed at the point of attack. I got a feeling though this kid is a gamer, let’s see if he dominates during the game before we right him off.


1. Tye Hill was the star without a doubt; I think Jimmy Williams made a mistake by not competing at the Senior Bowl. He might have been surpassed by Hill. Not only is he one of the fastest players in the nation, but he plays the ball in the air as well as any corner I have seen coming out of college in quite some time. When the ball is in the air he is almost like a receiver out there. He made play after play and was a human highlight reel.

2. Will Blackmon was another corner that looked very good. He is now back at corner after playing mostly receiver this year. He struggled a little early, but by day three he looked fantastic.

3. Anwar Phillips had an up and down week, he looked good early but then seemed to give up to much cushion and gave up some deep passes.

4. DeMario Minter didn’t have a great practice; he took to many extra steps and didn’t play the ball very well.

5. Daryl Hunter laid an egg bad in my opinion; he has good straight ahead speed but doesn’t start and stop very sudden.

6. Kelly Jennings had a great week and really helped himself. He was scared of Sinorice Moss’s speed however and gave him way too much cushion.

6. David Pittman was a surprise indeed. He was a late addition and seemed to struggle early while he adjusted to the competition, but he was awesome as the week went by. He has really elevated himself and might be the first small school player to get drafted. By the way he was the only small school player (non division 1) to get invited to the Senior Bowl.

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Postby Pudge » Fri Jan 27, 2006 1:40 am

Yeah, Hill is definitely a guy that seems to be moving up the boards after that week. His speed makes him a good player opposite Hall, since you know it's going to be tough for any WRs to get past us. He seems like a faster version of Webster, but actually has good hips and can cover top wideouts.

Based on the reports from the Senior Bowl week, here's how guys are moving on my mental draft board, and the rounds they are targetted in now:

* means I'd be willing to trade up in that round, or into the end of the previous round to get him.

Round 1

RB DeAngelo Williams (SAME, always high on him)
CB Tye Hill (UP)
S Michael Huff (SAME)
DE Tamba Hali (DOWN A BIT)
CB Jimmy Williams (DOWN)

Round 2

OL Nick Mangold* (UP A LOT)
OL Davin Joseph* (UP)
RB Joe Addai* (UP)
OG Charles Spencer (UP A LOT)
DE Mathias Kiwanuka (DOWN A LOT)
S Pat Watkins (DOWN A BIT)

Round 3

OT Daryn Colledge (SAME)
DE Mark Anderson* (UP)
DE Parys Haralson (UP)
DE Daryl Tapp (DOWN)
CB/KR Will Blackmon (UP)
S Greg Blue (SAME)

Round 4

OG Mark Setterstrom (DOWN)
CB DeMario Minter (DOWN A LOT)

Round 5

RB Cedric Humes (UP)
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Postby mickvick302 » Tue Jan 31, 2006 8:53 pm

The Falcons will get OL D’Brickashaw Ferguson...mark my words
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Postby Guest » Wed Feb 01, 2006 2:07 pm

I'd take Ferguson in a heartbeat, but he's gonna go top ten without a doubt....

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