Tuesday's Sr. Bowl Practice Notes

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Tuesday's Sr. Bowl Practice Notes

Postby Pudge » Wed Jan 25, 2006 1:51 am

From Scout.com looking at the OL, DE, and DBs. Obviously, I'm only focusing on these positions because I think the majority of us would agree they are the more likely positions that we will draft for on the 1st day of the draft.


Daryn Colledge (2nd to 4th rd. prospect)

Problems throughout the day began and ended with his poor hand work.  Now he does possess a quick punch, but it is all over the place.   It appears he does not quite grasp what his aiming point should be.  There were times when he was beat clean because he never landed or was completely wide on his punch.  At one point the coaching staff tried to correct the problem by having Colledge use a “flash” punch (meaning he automatically shot the hands off the snap whether he needed to or not).

D'Brickashaw Ferguson (Top 10 prospect)

Continues to be everything that was expected:  quick, athletic, and technically sound.   BUT there was one occasion where this highly touted prospect was beaten clean.   Ferguson put himself in too deep of a set and was beaten clean underneath.   Outside of the one lapse, he continued to show a nice base, wonderful recovery ability, and finishing his blocks.

Davin Joseph (late 1st to 3rd rd.)

Joseph is obviously strong as a bull and because of his complete lack of a punch, he needs this strength to effectively block his assignments.  Accompanying his strength to overcome bad technique, Joseph has shown nice recovery ability in passing situations when it appears he is beat initially.

Marcus McNeill (1st to 5th)

Had the highlight block of the day as he cleaned Alabama DE, Mark Anderson, clean off his feet on a down block.  Showed he has good lateral quickness.   The question of technique is consistently the problem.    Bent at the wait often, base was too wide, and missed his target on the punch too often.

Ryan O'Callaghan (2nd to 4th)

Coming out the Cal offense, it is obvious O’Callaghan is comfortable in his pass set.  His deep sets in pass protection are very smooth.  Showed a strong post leg when defenders tried to make any underneath moves.

Jonathan Scott (1st to 2nd)

Consistently gives up too much ground in pass protection.  Tendency to get his elbows wide as well losing power in his punch.  Did show very nice lateral quickness.  

Jeremy Trueblood (2nd to 4th)

Terrible morning practice.   Trueblood was at right tackle exclusively today and looked the part.  Showed a slow kick step, played high, off balance, and was often taken advantage of by smaller and quicker defensive ends.  His one redeeming quality was his ability to engulf some defenders in run blocking based purely on his size.

Eric Winston (Top 25)

The question about his lateral quickness overall in his pass set became reality today.  Winston was beat multiple times clean by a quicker Manny Lawson.  Outside of that, it was quite a good day for Eric.  He was aggressive and played with a low pad level.  Showed enough quickness to get to the second level.  Consistently kept his feet pumping driving off defenders.


Max Jean-Gilles (1st to 3rd)

Got a coaching lesson on a proper punch at the beginning of the practice, which is an upgrade from yesterday when it was a concern.  Possesses the athleticism to be comfortable in his lateral movements as seen in his pull blocks today. Still relying on his brute strength heavily.  At one point he was corrected on not keeping his feet pumping.  Recognition on second level blocking is a bit suspect as well.

Tatuisi "Deuce" Lutui (late 1st to 3rd)

Struggles after initial contact. Lutui generally engulfs defenders at the point of attack.   Two problems stems from this if a proper fit is not made.   One Lutui has a tendency to lead with his head and as such can be caught off balance.   Secondly, he does not possess enough athleticism to keep the block after the initial blow.

Mark Setterstrom (3rd to 4th)

Obviously a well coached prospect coming from Minnesota. After yesterday’s lackluster performance, Setterstrom stepped up his play today looking very solid technically.   Only once was he caught off balance.  Showed the ability to get to the second level.  A question of his lower body strength will need to be answered, as he was pushed around some even with a good fit on the defenders


Mike Degory (2nd to 5th)

Quite day for the center prospect.   Did show some bad habits on a consistent basis.   Had a tendency to overset in pass blocking drills, giving up a clean run toward the QB up the middle.  Really struggles keeping the arms locked out.   The elbows are generally too wide thus taking away the power this large center should display.

Nick Mangold (late 1st to 2nd)

his center prospect had complete control of the middle of the line today.  Often there was a strong push behind Mangold opening space for running backs.  He also has a little nasty streak finishing all of his blocks.   The one area Mangold struggled was in agility drills where his lateral movement was subpar.


Victor Adeyanju (6'4" 268; 3rd to 6th)

From Monday: Played hard all afternoon and showed flashes.  Fast off the edge and showed some first step quickness.  Drove Ryan O'Callahan off the ball and into the pokcet on one play.

Tuesday: Displays nice speed off the edge. Took a few tackles by suprised by playing with a low pad level and driving some of the bigger tackles into the backfield. Recognition is suspect. One play he clearly recognized a bootleg by the QB and ate it up. The next play the offense used the same motion but handed it off, and Adeyanju wasn't able to recognize and proceded flat down the line opening a huge hole.

Mark Anderson (3rd to 5th)

Continues to show he is stronger than expected at his size.  Constantly attacks blocks with authority.  Can be overwhelmed at the point of attack but counters with solid hand play. 

Elvis Dumervil (1st to 3rd)

The question of speed off the edge has to be brought up.  Dumervil appears to lack any.  His pass rush attempts to this point in the week have been non effective.  His biggest play today was actually against the run as he showed the ability to work across the face of a block and make a tackle for a loss.  When double teamed though, he becomes completely engulfed.

Tamba Hali (Top 20)

While Hali showed the ability to get off blocks in the running game, his pass rush overall was not overly impressive.  Only once did he ever get near the quarterback.  Does play with a nice pad level and always hustles.

Parys Haralson (2nd to 4th)

Continues to show quickness off the edge.  An attribute which has been becoming apparent as a couple practices have gone by is his recognition.  Haralson does a very good job recognizes plays and the appropriate reactions.

Mathias Kiwanuka (Top 40)

Came down the line nice and flat and put himself in position to make some plays in the running game.  Still struggled in the pass rush displaying a lack of moves.   His main concern in the pass rush would be to work on his counters as he displays none.

Manny Lawson (1st to 2nd)

Speed, speed, and more speed.   Lawson registered two practice sacks using nothing by his explosiveness off the edge.   No pass rush moves, just blew right past the left tackle. Another example would be when Lawson was not ready for one play, actually was still on a knee, the lineman came off the ball on a zone block, and Lawson got off the knee to stop the back five yards in the backfield Also uses his hands very well which is underrated on the defensive line side of things.    The one knock for the day was that he allowed himself to be hooked at one point by the offensive tackle.

Darryl Tapp (2nd to 3rd)

Fantastic burst off the line of scrimmage.  Uses hands well.  Completely relentless today in practice, to the point of being over anxious as he jumped the snap multiple times.

Kamerion Wimbley (late 1st to 3rd)

Possesses nice quickness off the edge.   Even showed good recognition by not losing contain on bootlegs.  Has a tendency to be engulfed by bigger tackles and then compounds the problem by not being able to get off the block.


Will Blackmon (2nd to 4th)

Doesn't cover a lot of ground on his backpedal and must turn with the receiver quickly to keep up.  That makes him susceptible to the shorter routes.  Technically sound in the coverage exchange in zone.  Looked better today.

Cedric Griffin (2nd to 4th)

Did not show good lateral movement. Missed several assignments that resulted in easy completions. Gives receivers a lot of room but displayed some closing speed.

Tye Hill (Top 40)

Stays tight on his man and finishes plays.  Had a lot of hand contact with receivers but did not pull or hinder their progress.   Movements were fluid and technically precise.

Darrell Hunter (3rd to 6th)

Slows down when he tries to locate the ball in the air and drifts from the receiver.  Has trouble changing directions quickly.

Kelly Jennings (2nd to 3rd)

Good technician - very fluid in his change of direction. Stops on a dime and shows good recovery skills. Will bite on double moves with his aggressive mentality. Rolled his ankle late in the session.

Tim Jennings (2nd to 4th)

Locates the ball well while it is in the air but he is not in position to make a play, drifting off the receiver. Shows good speed to stay with his man.

Demario Minter (2nd to 3rd)

Takes extra steps in his drops. Does not attack the ball when it hits the air and plays the receiver more than the ball. Plays well to his responsibility in zone and protects his zone.

Anwar Phillips (late 1st to 2nd)

Sneaks looks into the quarterback and will lose some space to the wide receivers as a result.  Gives a lot of cushion but has closing ability.  Did very well locating the ball in the air.


Greg Blue (2nd to 4th)

Plants well and drives towards the ball. Moved better than the previous day and more comfortable in pads. Played smart and to his responsibility. Was praised several times but did have a tough time keeping up with Mercedes Lewis.

Daniel Bullocks (3rd to 5th)

Plays high and stiff.  Takes bad angles to the ball after the reception.  Sets up deep in the secondary to keep the receivers in front of him.  Does well moving forward and picked off a pass.

Roman Harper (3rd to 5th)

Sets up high and has a tough time cutting quickly. Worked well in supporting the run and will fight through traffic to find the ball carrier.

Pat Watkins (late 1st to 2nd)

Not precise in changing direction, often dropping a hand to the ground to maintain balance. Works hard to make up for deficiencies and displayed better skills in zone with responsibility and playing with his face to the ball.

It would seem just from the 2 days of practice, Hill, Phillips, and Blue are the standouts.
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Postby backnblack » Wed Jan 25, 2006 11:30 pm

Weird ranking of McNeil...first to fifth! That is a lot of leeway. If Blue can cover halfway decent he might be a perfect fit for ATL--intimidating hitter with a big motor and an alma mater that will appeal to the Dawg Nation. We drafted a lot of DL last year. I know it was a weak point for us but I think maybe some vets are in order there. What do you think of the chances of us going for Tye Hill?

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Postby The_Incomparable » Thu Jan 26, 2006 1:40 am

Phillips was not impressing on Monday, and Hill is not worth a 1th overall pick. I am hoping we take a serious look at the LT's, Kiwanuka, or Huff to play corner if we don't plan on trading down. I honestly think we should trade down if there is any interest at all in doing so.
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Postby Pudge » Thu Jan 26, 2006 12:50 pm

Well I ranked McNeill so ambiguously because after the first day of practice there seemed to some buzz that he was falling fast on the draft boards due to a back injury or whatever, but since he has since recovered.
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