Revised mock draft for falcon's

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Revised mock draft for falcon's

Postby thescout » Thu Jan 27, 2005 5:26 pm

I don't know if I can wait to the April draft so not knowing what happens in free agency and expecting not much help the draft is where Mckay must make his mark. Here is my revised mock draft.Let me also say that I am providing 2 drafts my hopeful draft vs what Mckay would.Let me also say that there are conditions to this draft players that you cannot pick since I think they will be gone by atlanta picking: Roth,clayton,Mike Patterson..... some of the players in my hopeful draft may be selected higher based on workouts but you never know

My hopeful draft

1.David Pollack/Ernest Brown/Ratliff
2.Login Mangins or Ratliff - if either player is available it is a steal
3.Ernest Shazor stock may jump maynot be here
4.Jonathan Babineaux doing well in senior bowl may go higher
4.Eric Green -falcon's talking to him
5.Anthony Davis maybe a replacement for dunn
6.Dylan Gandy -center blue collar worker that gets it done
7.Chris Myers - Guard very versatile can play alot of positions

Mckay probably selections

1.Ratliff/Ernest Brown/Logan Mankins
2.Josh Bullocks
3.Eric Green
4.Jonathan Babineaux
4.Mark Bradley

With Keion Carpentar resgining or coming back maybe not at full stength a young quality safety is needed to groom.Babinaeuz and Lavalias should be able to man the other tackle spot.Not having alot of money to spend in free agency Mckay picks either Ratliff,Ernest brown or Logan mankins who can play muliple positions guard and tackle doing well at senior bowl.Eric Green I thik Mcaky likes virgina tech players and goes to D Hall opposite at virginia tech
If mark bradley lasted this long it would be a steal in the 4th but a player like Fre gibson if there could be drafted.

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