Monday Sr. Bowl Practice Notes: OL

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Monday Sr. Bowl Practice Notes: OL

Postby Pudge » Tue Jan 24, 2006 2:18 pm

From I realize a number of these guys won't even be on our radar, but thought it would be interesting to see how they do. I think Colledge, Joseph, Setterstrom, and Mangold are probably the best bets to be guys the Falcons are considering. I think Scott and Winston might be on the radar, but it will depend on how good they look.

Offensive Tackles

Daryn Colledge (6'4" 295)

Looked fundamentally very sound.  Stopped Kiwanuka dead in his tracks during one pass blocking drill.  Patient and intelligent.  Used his hands very well.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson (6'5" 297)

Was tremendous in pass blocking drills.  Stopped Kiwanuka on four straight one-on-one's.  Outstanding technique and fundamentals.  Did not look nearly as dominant run blocking.  In fact looked rather ordinary at times.

Davin Joseph (6'2" 304)

Stoned opponents all afternoon, stopping defenders dead in their tracks.  Stayed square and did not give up an inch.  Struggled at times against quick, nimble defenders and could not adjust.

Marcus McNeill

First and foremost it’s important to point out that McNeill did show up, albeit late.  His technique overall was putrid, and the coaching staff noticed as they did try to coach him up. McNeill was bending at the waist, playing with too wide of a base, and generally played with too much of his weight forward.   At times he was pushed around by players not of his caliber.

*From their Monday Night Buzz page: There is some concern about the health of Marcus McNeill, the big offensive tackle from Auburn. Suffering from a back injury, the word is medical red flags will be raised between now and April, which will negatively effect McNeill's draft stock.

Ryan O'Callaghan (6'6" 347)

Big and tried to engulf opponents or just block down on them.  Had trouble with speed during the day.  At one point Victor Adeyanju got the first step on drove him back into the pocket.

Jonathan Scott (6'6" 310)

Maddeningly inconsistent.  One snap Scott plays to his talent level and is absolutely dominant.   The next he was completely blown off the ball.   What was impressive was his athleticism today especially when asked to hook.   Was corrected by the coaching staff on playing high and showing a weak post leg.

Jeremy Trueblood (6'8" 316)

Strong and displayed power but struggled all day handling speed rushers off the edge.

Eric Winston (6'6" 302)

Bit of a surprise today, actually showing some of that first round talent.  There should still be some worries about how deep a set he can get, and how well he can handle speed rushers with his knee.   Faster rushers gave him some slight trouble, but Winston was able to recover to run them off.   Overall, Winston was never beaten in this area.

Offensive Guards

Max Jean-Gilles (6'4" 358)

At first appeared dominant, after further review, Jean Gilles lacked a solid punch.   With his strength he was always able to overcome, but he consistently let defenders into his body giving them the upperhand from the snap.

Taitusi Lutui (6'3" 338)

Looked dominant at times.  Once he got his hands into defenders they were unable to come free.   Took Gabe Watson from the action in one-on-one drills.

Mark Setterstrom (6'3" 313)

Struggled all day.  Was overextending into blocks and got beat several times.  Seemed to get down on himself several times.


Mike Degory (6'5" 301)

Degory not only played his natural position of center, but also got some reps at guard.   Showed a bad tendency to lead with the head which can lead him to be beat by quicker 1 techniques.

Nick Mangold (6'3" 297)

Outstanding afternoon.  Technically sound and properly placed his hands into defenders then controlled them at the point of attack.  Really improved his standing in the eyes of scouts.

What to take away: Mangold, Colledge, and Joseph seemed to have solid first days. All 3 I feel are solid early to mid 2nd round prospects. Colledge might drop further if teams look at him more as a OG than OT.
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