Monday Sr. Bowl Practice Notes: DB

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Monday Sr. Bowl Practice Notes: DB

Postby Pudge » Tue Jan 24, 2006 2:04 pm

From, looking at the DBs. Not all of them, but I think these are the guys playing that most are considering to be quality 1st day prospects.


Will Blackmon (6' 200)

Struggled and the lay-off from the position really hurt. Gave up a lot of underneath receptions through the early part of the session and seemed to have little sense of timing. Picked it up late in the afternoon.

Cedric Griffin (6' 192)

Displayed solid break on the ball with good closing speed but
has a tough time staying on his man. Plays better with the ball in front of him.

Tye Hill (5'9" 183)

Looked like the fasted DB on the field today. Great closing and recovery speed. Had a slip-up early in the session but really came on strong late in the afternoon, defending a number of passes.

Darrell Hunter (6' 205)

Started strong but fizzled. Physically impressive yet was slow locating the ball and gave up a lot of deep passes.

Kelly Jennings (5'11" 171)

Puts himself in good position to make a play on the ball. Does not take the right angles when closing that gap. Does a good job of forcing the action to where his help is.

Tim Jennings (5'8" 178)

Gets turned around on double moves with him being overaggressive. He tended to force outside coverage and when that failed would get beat. Didn't explode to the ball.

DeMario Minter (5'11" 189)

Doesn't drive towards the ball. It makes you wonder if his
knee surgery is still affecting him. He will cheat on the backpedal
which causes him to cover more ground on the short routes.

Anwar Phillips (5'11" 187)

The best defensive back on the field today. Shows a great ability to stay with opposing receivers out from their breaks, offering blanket coverage. Stayed step-for-step with opponents across the field. Really looked good today.


Greg Blue (6'2" 220)

Good depth from the safety position. Explodes from his backpedal towards the ball. Not as good laterally and had trouble covering tight ends on crossing routes.

Daniel Bullocks (6'1" 209)

Looked better than expected during coverage drills then struggled playing the ball during scrimmage. Solid in run defense. Used at strong safety.

Roman Harper (6' 194)

Reads the eyes of the receiver and is tight on the ball. Will look back or put a hand up. Too much depth on his dropbacks make him slow to recover in run support.

Pat Watkins (6'4" 205)

Plays high which makes his backpedal awkward. Caught in limbo several times with responsibility when the tight end stayed in to block in passing downs. Vocal on the field.
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