Junius Coston and Dylan Gandy at center mid rounds

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Junius Coston and Dylan Gandy at center mid rounds

Postby thescout10 » Wed Jan 26, 2005 10:12 pm

I had a thread on the Falcon's Huddle subject heading about immediate and secondary needs and center was a concern since Mclure is to small to battle the def tackles today.I dound two candidates that might be available in the mid roudns that could be sleepers.Junius coston and Dylan Gandy.Both have alot of potential and are not widely known.Ben Wilkerson could be had but you may need to spend a 3rd rounder on him and Vince Carter seemingly keeps dropping because scouts think he can't get much bigger and he has trouble with the bigger def tackles.Just thought I would throw those names out there see if anyone knew about them!

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