Tye Hill glowing reports from NFL Draft Blitz

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Tye Hill glowing reports from NFL Draft Blitz

Postby thescout10 » Mon Dec 12, 2005 6:29 pm

After reading this new report today I am torn about safety and corner and who to draft.If Michael Huff is available he plays both corner/safety,Ko Simpson personally have not read anything on him at draft sites since he is still trying to gain draft eligibility and finally Tye Hill.Corners are very very hard to get and you have to draft him.If it came down to Jonathan Scott,Huff or Hill I just don't know.Hill has got track speed but can play corner and rarely ever has a bad game.

Tye Hill

School: Clemson
Position: Cornerback
Class: 2006
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180lbs
Birthday: 6/3/82
40 Time: 4.27 (estimated)


- Hill is an amazing athletic talent. He has excellent speed and has really climbed up the charts this season. He has proven to be more than just a track guy this year. He has blanket like coverage, keeps up with any WR with his speed. Is not afraid to be physical. Breaks up a lot of passes. His tackling has been much improved and he is not afraid to lay a lick. Has excellent closing and recovery speed. Great in the back pedal. Hardly ever gets beat deep. Has been very durable and has been a starting since his Sophomore season. A finalist for the Jim Thorpe award give to the Nation's top defensive back. His work out numbers will be insane. Was named Clemson's most improved player in both 2003 and 2004. Continues to get better every season. Has a ton of potential and is showing it. Reacts to the ball well, studies hard and is very consistent. Hardly ever has a bad game.


- Hill is a bit undersize, which could cause some concern for some NFL teams looking to draft him. He needs to work on making the interception, he breaks up a lot of passes but if he would work to play the ball a little better he would have a lot of interceptions. Needs to work on fighting off blocks better.

Overall Analysis

- A tremendous athlete who has top notch speed. Tye is a high quality cornerback. His size is a concern but he has overcome that so far. He has really improved each year and the sky seems to be the limit. A former running back, he is one of a handful of player to ever rush for 100 yards in a game and intercept a pass in a game. Tye Hill is the real deal.

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Postby The_Incomparable » Tue Dec 13, 2005 4:02 am

If Simpson declares, he is the #5 player on my chart behind Bush, Leinart, Brick, & Hawk. The guy is seriously the best DB in the nation right now & last year too. Luckily, a good part of the nation is still sleeping on him because of Mario Williams & Manny Lawson, so we may be able to get him if he declares.

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Postby Pudge » Tue Dec 13, 2005 9:10 am

That's interesting, because most of the reports I've been hearing about Hill is that his stock is slipping. He was graded as a late 1st rounder earlier in the season, but now might only be a 2nd round pick.

But from all that I've heard on him, he sounds like a player that would be a good fit for our defense.

I think we need to draft a safety, but I don't think we need to use a #1 pick on someone.

The guys I'm keeping my eyes on at safety are Greg Blue (UGA), Pat Watkins (FSU), Dwayne Slay (Texas Tech), and Nate Salley (Ohio State). All are FS that are better stopping the run than playing the pass. I think that's what we need. A FS that can be tough run stopper.

Someone made the comparison of Greg Blue to Thomas Davis. Well that's what makes me like Blue even more. I think a Thomas Davis-type safety is exactly what we need in our secondary. We need a guy that is like an extra LB back there.

And I think all those guys will be had in Round 2 or later. Blue, Watkins, and Salley all look like 1st day picks in Round 2/3. Slay will likely be a 4th/5th rounder.
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