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New Mock

Postby The_Incomparable » Tue Dec 06, 2005 12:32 am

Well I am going to run this mock a bit differently & give the 3-5 guys I would take with that pick instead of guessing what every team in the league will do.

1) Huff, Scott, Bing, Ray Edwards, DeMorrio Minter
2) Marcus Maxey, Allen, Minter, Edwards, Zemaitis, Moses, Dumervil
3) Watkins, Moses, Edwards, Anwar Phillips, Dwayne Slay, Devin Hester
4) Orien Harris, James Wysche, Parys Harralson, Mark Anderson, Edwards, Watkins, Slay, Phillips, Hester, Moses
5) O-lineman
6) O-lineman
7) Kicker if we dont sign Vanderjagt

I am hoping we can sign Vanderjagt, Bentley, & Roye in the FA market, leaving our D-backfield, DE, & LT as the only real weaknesses to fill via the draft. Anyhow I didnt go too deep into it, but you get the drift.


Interesting mock draft

Postby thescout10 » Tue Dec 06, 2005 1:05 am

I would love to have huff on defense but if scott is there you take him which he could be.There are no def ends worth taking no1,I think Bing slips to the second round top 10.I don't think Edwards is has good I think he goes 3 round.Minter I have noit heard much about but if he is as good as you say will climb up the boards.Huff can play corner and safety abnd I think can hit.You see the dilemma Scott vs Huff if both are around.Lets say Scott is off the board its a no brainer Michael Huff in the 1st.

1.Huff,if gone corner Tye Hill or Zematris
2.Greg Blue I just hope he last this long when the falcon's pick if not maybe bullocks
3.Mark Setterstrom(guard) or Frostee Rucker def end
4.Parys Harellson
5.Gerald Riggs Jr
6.Skyler Green
7.Pat Ross- Center

Falcons get corner and safety first 2 rounds,bout time we fix the def backfield.Third round Setterstrom or rucker are playmakers.According pudge harrelson is someone you can't pass so I willl take his word for it before I research him.Riggs could slide in the draft worth a gamble.Green,Another recevier ,small but can fly would give the recevier core another dimension.Ross,boston college can produce good off lineman worth a shot.

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