Will Ta'ufo'ou, FB, California

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Will Ta'ufo'ou, FB, California

Postby Pudge » Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:38 pm

Will Ta'ufo'ou
5-11/252 California
4.85 Senior

Pros: Physical, tough, and strong, and able and willing to take on defensive linemen. Has good pop as a lead blocker that works well in a short-area and as a straight-ahead guy.

Cons: Will occasionally whiff on some assignments because he has trouble adjusting in space. Lacks good speed or burst, and doesn't offer much as a receiver or runner.

Overview: A big part of Jahvid Best's breakout year. Only carried the ball 15 times in his collegiate career, with 13 receptions. Last name is pronounced Tau-Foe-Oh.

NFL Forecast: He's a nice lead blocker that has a lot of potential as a smash mouth player. He'll hit you in the mouth and isn't afraid to take on big defensive linemen. That's what you like, and because of that I think he'll make a solid lead blocker eventually. But like most fullbacks, he'll need to impact on special teams early on in order to stick. But if he brings the same attitude there that he has on offense, I don't see that being an issue.

ATL Forecast: He fits the Falcons mold of wanting a physical lead blocker. He could push Snelling for that reason. And if the team parted ways with Mughelli in a few years, he'd probably be more likely than Snelling to take over. But his chances of sticking would depend largely on his ability to perform on special teams right away.

Value: He's worth a late seventh round pick for a team looking for a smash mouth lead blocker.
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