DeMyron Martin, RB, Southern Methodist

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DeMyron Martin, RB, Southern Methodist

Postby Pudge » Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:36 pm

DeMyron Martin
6-2/230 Southern Methodist
4.59 Senior

Pros: A player with a tall build that doesn't shy away from contact. Is a patient runner with decent hands that works well as an outlet receiver.

Cons: Lacks speed, burst, and vision to take advantage of the holes when they are presented to him.

Overview: Has a build more like David Boston than an NFL running back. Didn't quite fit into June Jones offense this year, and had his least productive year with only 165 yards. Never was able to match the production of his freshman year where he had 854 yards. Missed some time due to injury his sophomore year.

NFL Forecast: Teams will like his size, but he might have greater potential to move to WR than staying at running back. Just lacks the basic skills to be a successful NFL player. He could be good enough to bounce around the league for some time, but he's really a prime candidate to go on and have some success on a lesser league. But even there, I doubt he'd be great.

ATL Forecast: Martin wouldn't really have much of an impact in Atlanta unless he proved to be a very good special teams player. But it's hard to see him sticking whether it's at RB or WR or another position.

Value: He's not worth drafting, and is a bit of a stretch even to invite him to camp.
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