Marlon Lucky, RB, Nebraska

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Marlon Lucky, RB, Nebraska

Postby Pudge » Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:35 pm

Marlon Lucky
6-0/214 Nebraska
4.53 Senior

Pros: He has good speed and shiftiness in the open field. Has nice vision. Has good hands and shows some potential in pass protection. Does a nice job keeping his feet moving after contact.

Cons: Lacks ideal burst and acceleration through hole. Doesn't have power and prefers to dodge and juke rather than overpower.

Overview: Lucky reminds me a bit of Maurice Morris. He has good NFL size, but doesn't show it when he plays. Plays much more like a 200-pounder than a 215-pounder. He was very productive under Bill Callahan's West Coast offense, but not so much under Bo Pelini. Best year came as a junior (Callahan's last year) with 1,019 yards, 9 touchdowns, and 75 receptions. Dropped to 517 yards, 7 touchdowns, and 26 receptions as a senior.

NFL Forecast: I think he'll be a nice change of pace option for an NFL team, but probably lacks the upside to be a starter. Could be adequate for the short-term, but won't be a long-term option for a team. He'll need to polish his skills up in pass protection before he can hit the field, but that shouldn't take more than a year or so. But he'll work nicely if he goes into a West Coast offense like he played at mostly at Nebraska.

ATL Forecast: Lucky would be another third down option for the Falcons, and is a bit better able to handle the rushing load than Norwood, but that's offset by Norwood's playmaking ability. Lucky would be a nice backup option here in Atlanta, but doubtful he would make any significant impact in his first few years as long as he played behind Turner and Norwood. Would be a nice long-term option as a third down back, but that's really about it.

Value: Lucky is a solid middle round pick that should be taken in the fifth round.
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