Corey Lewis, RB, Northern Iowa

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Corey Lewis, RB, Northern Iowa

Postby Pudge » Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:35 pm

Corey Lewis
5-11/192 Northern Iowa
4.50 Senior

Pros: Has good quickness and burst in and out of his cuts. Has nice footwork and can make guys miss. Runs hard and not afraid of contact. Has good balance, patience, and vision. Nice hands and capable receiver. Not shy about contact and lowering shoulder to deliver block in pass protection.

Cons: Has lean build and lacks true burner speed. Not sure he can stand up to the punishment in the NFL.

Overview: Lewis was a very productive player at a lower level of competition. COmbined for 3,721 yards, 37 touchdowns, and 99 receptions the past three years as a starter. Missed some time due to an ankle injury as a sophomore.

NFL Forecast: Lewis because of his lack of size, probably will be stuck purely as a third down back. But he's one of those players that I believe has the skills to be successful in that role. He'll need to refine his blocking a bit. And while he's not a true burner, he does have good speed and quickness. The main issue will be whether he can take the NFL punishment. But if he can perform on special teams and continue to show his quickness, burst, and receiving ability he'll make a solid backup in the NFL. Won't be a star, but should be counted on as a valuable role player.

ATL Forecast: Lewis probably would be asked to try and make it as a return threat here in Atlanta. He's a more polished runner than Norwood, but not as dangerous. He could work as a third down back, but because of his lack of size and top-end speed, he probably wouldn't be given a great opportunity. Only returned 1 kickoff during his college career, but might have some upside there despite lack of elite speed.

Value: Lewis is a solid seventh round pick for a team looking for a nice third down back.
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