Jovorskie Lane, FB, Texas A&M

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Jovorskie Lane, FB, Texas A&M

Postby Pudge » Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:35 pm

Jorvorskie Lane
6-0/297 Texas A&M
5.00 Senior

Pros: Massively-sized interior runner that is powerful and tough to bring down. Uses his size well as a blocker, showing nice pop when he's leading.

Cons: Lacks awareness and vision as a lead blocker. Whiffs on too many blocks and assignments. Lacks burst and vision as a runner. Conditioning has always been a concern.

Overview: Lane is a niche player that could work well as a short- yardage back and goal line runner. But beyond that, he's a major project. Could stand to lose probably 30 pounds, but has had difficulty staying in shape. Listed at 270 pounds. Production dropped off a lot with the new Mike Sherman offense installed this past year. In first 3 years at A&M, combined for 2,100 yards and 44 touchdowns. Only had 93 yards and 5 scores as a senior. Neck injury got him off to a slow start and never really got out of Sherman's doghouse.

NFL Forecast: If Lane can get into shape, which is probably in the 265-275 pound range for him, then he could be a nice niche player. He'll be an effective short-yardage and goal line runner in the mold of William Perry. Won't be as big, but better. He's still raw as a blocker, and that's where his future is going to lie. The best he can hope for is lighten the load and become a similar player to Ironhead Heyward, who also battled weight issues throughout his career. Lane will be hard-pressed to stick in the NFL unless he really has a renaissance as far as conditioning goes.

ATL Forecast: Lane would be an intriguing option for the Falcons in goal line situations. But he's purely a single niche player and unless he can also play on special teams, would be hard pressed to be active on game day, thus making his presence worthless.

Value: Not worth a draft pick because of the conditioning concerns, but someone should pick him up for a camp invite.
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