Quinn Johnson, FB, LSU

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Quinn Johnson, FB, LSU

Postby Pudge » Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:34 pm

Quinn Johnson
6-1/250 LSU
4.72 Senior
Pros: An excellent short-area blocker that can crush a linebacker. Fits very well in the I-form as a straight-ahead blocker. Does well when asked to block between the tackles, and shows some potential as a receiver, showing the ability to extend and adjust to ball in the air.

Cons: Doesn't adjust well in space and doesn't do as well when asked to block outside the tackles or in space. Doesn't have great blocking vision. Lacks concentration as a receiver, and has unreliable hands.

Overview: Former linebacker that moved to fullback after his freshman year. Only became the starter as a senior, although did get some reps as a junior working with Jacob Hester. Had 14 carries and 3 touchdowns as a senior and had 5 career receptions.

NFL Forecast: He is still relatively raw as a lead blocker with only 3 years at the position, but his past as a linebacker shows. And he has a lot of upside. He's already a very physical and powerful lead blocker. He just really needs to improve his receiving skills and improve his blocking vision, but those should come in time as he gets used to playing the position. He'll be a solid lead blocker at the next level that is in the Lorenzo Neal mold.

ATL Forecast: He'll fit well in Atlanta if the team wants a punishing lead blocker between the tackles. He's not quite as good as Mughelli, but it's possible he could be that good inside three seasons. Could be a fixture in Atlanta for years to come working behind Mughelli for a few years before taking over.

Value: He's a solid late round prospect. For a team that wants a strong, physical lead blocker then he'd make a nice fifth or sixth round pick.
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