Arian Foster, RB, Tennessee

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Arian Foster, RB, Tennessee

Postby Pudge » Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:33 pm

Arian Foster
6-1/224 Tennessee
4.69 Senior

Pros: Is a patient runner with good burst, quickness, and footwork. A north-south guy that shows some ability as a cutback runner. Can make guys miss at the second level. Shows a nice stiff arm. Shows some ability in pass protection and a capable receiver out of the backfield.

Cons: Lacks home run speed. Dances a bit too much looking for big play. Not as powerful as his size would merit, and runs high. Not explosive through hole. Doesn't secure the ball out in space and carries it like a loaf of bread.

Overview: Foster is a productive player at Tennessee, but has been nagged by injuries throughout his career. He had surgery on his knee and shoulder following his freshman year, and again on his knee after his junior year. Missed time as a senior due to thigh bruise, and as a sophomore with an ankle injury. After 1,193 yards and 12 touchdowns as a junior, his production fell off to 570 yards and 1 touchdown as a senior.

NFL Forecast: Foster could work as a complementary runner in a zone blocking scheme that features the one-cut and go style. He's got size you like, but he's not really a power runner. He could be a nice backup for a team that already has a speed threat as the lead back, possibly working on short yardage. Foster's success will be dependent on whether he can impact on special teams and on passing downs, because he's nothing special as a runner. I don't really see him sticking in the league, but if a zone blocking team picks him up, he can be a decent backup for a few years.

ATL Forecast: Foster probably won't work in Atlanta. While he's a more physical backup than either Norwood or Brown, he's not an ideal backup to Turner. He wouldn't stick here beyond maybe the practice squad for a year or two.

Value: Foster is a late round prospect for a team that shouldn't be picked before the sixth round.
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