Tony Dixon, RB, Kentucky

Scouting Reports of running backs and fullbacks in the 2009 draft.
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Tony Dixon, RB, Kentucky

Postby Pudge » Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:32 pm

Tony Dixon
5-7/203 Kentucky
4.44 Senior

Pros: Has a short pug-like build that gives him good balance and allows him to run lower to the ground. Has good power and not afraid to deliver hit to defender when he runs downhill. Keeps his feet moving after contact and has a strong lower body. Has good quickness and feet with nice burst, making him a good cutback runner. Can juke and spin and make guys miss on the second level. Has decent hands and can work in the slot. A nice north-south runner with nice vision.

Cons: Lacks ideal burst and acceleration. Doesn't have the speed to beat guys to the corner. Tries to bounce too many runs outside despite lack of speed. Will drop some passes.

Overview: Didn't get a ton of carries in Kentucky's spread attack, but started 20 games over the past four years, with his best season coming as a senior where he had 430 yards and 7 touchdowns. Missed the 2005 season with a broken leg. He's a short, powerfully built runner that probably won't translate as well to the NFL level as it did in college.

NFL Forecast: Dixon could work as a backup in a zone blocking scheme because he fits fairly well there, but that's all he could ever be. He's built like Michael Turner and has a similar style of play, but is not nearly as good. But in all likelihood, the best he could probably hope for as far as an NFL career goes is like the Bears' Adrian Peterson, who may get 50 carries in a season. His best chance will be improving his receiving skills to get some looks on third downs. Otherwise, he'll have to excel on special teams in order to stick in the NFL.

ATL Forecast: Dixon would be a nice addition to the Falcons, but probably at best would only make the practice squad here. He offers a bit more Turner-like ability than the other backups, but he's not any better an alternative if Turner was to be injured. He would likely sit on the practice squad for a year or two, but eventually be replaced with a better player.

Value: Dixon probably isn't worth drafting for any team, but definitely should be a free agent signing.
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