Mike Davis, RB, South Carolina

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Mike Davis, RB, South Carolina

Postby Pudge » Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:32 pm

Mike Davis
5-9/202 South Carolina
4.67 Senior

Pros: A nice north-south runner with some decent straight-line speed. Has some vision and burst. Shows moderate ability in pass protection.

Cons: Undersized and not physical between the tackles. Needs to improve as a receiver as he drops too many passes.

Overview: Top rusher this past year with 615 yards and 3 touchdowns. Top rusher as a freshman as well. Best season came as a sophomore with 823 yards and 8 touchdowns. Really just a marginal rusher.

NFL Forecast: There is really nothing about Davis that makes you think he can succeed in the NFL. He might be a decent third down back, but is probably too small and too inconsistent a receiver to really stick there. If he can impact on special teams, he stands a chance. But he's a marginal NFL prospect.

ATL Forecast: Unless he is a special teams wizard, he's not going to be a factor in Atlanta.

Value: Not worth drafting, and maybe just barely on the list of potential camp invites. Let him go to Canada instead.
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