Glen Coffee, RB, Alabama

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Glen Coffee, RB, Alabama

Postby Pudge » Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:31 pm

Glen Coffee
6-0/209 Alabama
4.58 Junior

Pros: A good north-south runner that has good speed and burst through hole. Keeps his feet moving after contact, and not tentative about running between the tackles. Will break arm tackles because it's hard to square up on him because of his burst. Tough for his size and will lower shoulder on defensive back. Has speed to get outside. Capable on screens.

Cons: Doesn't have great vision and not really a powerful runner. Not as shifty as you'd like and doesn't make a ton of guys miss on the second level. Is only an adequate receiver and struggles at times in pass protection.

Overview: Is helped by playing behind a really good Alabama line. He's better than his size would merit between the tackles, and he's faster than he times.

NFL Forecast: Would work well in a zone blocking line that gets push. He's not a great back, but a solid back that is good in most areas, but nothing special in any one area. Is not the ideal candidate to work as a third down back since he's not a great receiver and needs to improve his blocking. His ideal role will be as a two-down player behind a big zone blocking team, with another player spelling him on passing downs. Not a guy that is going to do much more beyond 10-15 carries per game. He'll be a capable pro, but probably just a backup that is underused because of his inability to get on the field on passing downs. He'll be effective but nothing special. His NFL future will be greatly helped if he works well on special teams.

ATL Forecast: Coffee is a better interior runner than Norwood, but won't be able to carry the full load in Atlanta. Nor would he be able to get on the field on passing downs, making his chances of much success in Atlanta fairly low.

Value: Coffee is a good middle round pick, but his lack of versatility probably makes him a better bet in Round Five.
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