Andre Brown, RB, N.C. State

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Andre Brown, RB, N.C. State

Postby Pudge » Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:31 pm

Andre Brown
6-0/228 N.C. State
4.49 Senior

Pros: A powerful guy that runs with good balance and patience. Runs well inside due to good strength. Will run over most defensive backs. Has a nice stiff arm and picks up yards after contact. Has nice burst and quick out of his cuts. Has decent hands. Has potential as a blocker due to his size.

Cons: Doesn't have great vision, and leaves a lot of yards on the field and will miss some cutbacks. At times, will be tentative hitting the hole, dancing a bit too much waiting for play to develop. Lacks experience in pass protection, and drops too many passes due to poor concentration. Can run high at times and doesn't have the speed to beat guys to the corner.

Overview: He's a powerful runner that runs well between the tackles.

NFL Forecast: If he can stay healthy and plays behind a good line, he can be a productive pro. Brown won't be a great pro, because he doesn't have the vision and probably won't be an every down player because he's not a natural receiver or blocker. But for a team that likes its running backs to run hard between the tackles, then Brown will be a good fit. The type of player that could have a productive three or four years as a 20-carry guy, but I doubt he'll be remembered as a great back. He's the ideal candidate to be part of a two-headed running attack, platooning with a speedier player that can help on passing downs. He's a decent enough receiver to be a 20-catch guy, but will never be a go-to option in the passing game.

ATL Forecast: Brown would serve a similar role as Turner does in Atlanta's offense. He'd be pulled on passing downs. But he probably won't be as productive a runner as Turner is, although Brown has more burst out of his cuts than Turner. But he'd be a nice alternative option behind Turner if he was to get injured, since he could take over the lead ballcarrier roles. But unless Turner is hurt or ineffective, he wouldn't do much in Atlanta because he's not going to push Norwood out of his role as change of pace runner or third down back anytime soon. He would just sit on the bench for the first few years, waiting for Turner to get hurt or old.

Value: For a team needing a two-down player with power, he would make a solid 2nd round pick. For any other team, he's probably just a fourth round pick because he lacks ideal versatility.
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