Aaron Brown, RB, Texas Christian

Scouting Reports of running backs and fullbacks in the 2009 draft.
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Aaron Brown, RB, Texas Christian

Postby Pudge » Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:31 pm

Aaron Brown
6-1/200 TCU
4.49 Senior

Pros: Has good straight line speed. Shows nice agility and quickness on the second level, able to make guys miss. Capable on wheel routes as a receiver and is a willing blocker downfield. Has experience working as a kickoff returner.

Cons: A tweener at RB and WR. Doesn't do well changing direction, like on counters. Lacks size, runs high, and won't power through tackles. Dances too much and can be tentative about contact. Can't run between the tackles and is marginal in pass protection.

Overview: Most of his run players are sweeps, pitches, and reverses, making him essentially a speed threat in the backfield, but not a polished runner. He has the lean build of a receiver and may have greater upside long-term there.

NFL Forecast: He's a specialty player that works on the college level because he creates mismatches because of his speed. But won't be the case at the NFL level. I think unless he can impact early on special teams, he won't stick. And he's really not a great kickoff returner either. He's the type of player that goes on to have a nice career in the AFL, but struggles sticking in the NFL. He's not going to stick in the NFL at running back, even as a change of pace runner because there are dozens of more polished and better options out there. And he's too raw as a wideout to really expect him to stick there either. He could however work there down the road as a slot receiver if he really works at it, but that would probably take a few years in the Arena Leagues to give him an even a shot there. And even so, at best he's probably still just a No. 4 guy at best.

ATL Forecast: He would attempt to fill a similar niche on this team as Norwood currently fills, but couldn't come close to filling it as ably as he does. Brown would be hard-pressed to even make the Falcons practice squad and still lacks the long-term upside anyway.

Value: You can invite him to camp, but I'd rather let him sit and develop in the AFL or CFL for 2-3 years before I picked him up.
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