Kahlil Bell, RB, UCLA

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Kahlil Bell, RB, UCLA

Postby Pudge » Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:30 pm

Kahlil Bell
5-11/212 UCLA
4.75 Senior
Pros: He runs hard with nice size and doesn't shy from contact. Shows nice burst and quickness to hole. Nice ability as a north-south runner.

Cons: Lacks power to break many tackles. Doesn’t contribute much in pass protection.

Overview: Bell is a nice fit as a backup in a zone blocking scheme, but lacks the upside to really be an impact player at the next level. Despite having 1 less carry this past year than in 2007, he had 380 less yards and his YPC was cut in half. Just wasn't productive as a senior back.

NFL Forecast: If a team that likes the one-cut zone blocking scheme picks him up he might have a chance to stick. But he's another guy that will have to impact on special teams early in his career to make it. He just doesn't have the speed or power to distinguish himself from the pack. I expect he might stick around for a few summers in the NFL, but that's about it. About the best he can hope for is maybe a few months on a practice squad somewhere.

ATL Forecast: Bell could be a decent option for the Falcons to promote depth, but there are much better backs out there, and you'd hope the Falcons could find one of them. Barring the Falcons getting hit really hard by injuries, it's doubtful he'd really have much of a shot at making the roster.

Value: Worthwhile to bring to camp for some teams to compete for a job, but don't draft him.
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