Conredge Collins, FB, Pittsburgh

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Conredge Collins, FB, Pittsburgh

Postby Pudge » Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:29 pm

Conredge Collins
5-11/224 Pittsburgh
4.64 Senior

Pros: A versatile blocker that is a good receiver, runner, and blocker. Has nice hands and does a good job making the grab in the flat. Shows nice burst, speed, and balance as a runner. Does a nice job running inside. Shows some pop as a lead blocker and does a good job hitting his assignments with nice vision.

Cons: Is not a pancake guy as a lead blocker. Will body catch at times and might have some issues with ball security.

Overview: He needs to get bigger and stronger to handle the load at fullback in the NFL, but he is a good back that fits the schemes that want their fullbacks to be more versatile offensive weapons than just blockers. Averaged 3.7 yards on 91 carries, with 2 rushing touchdowns and 35 receptions in his career. His father, Tony, played RB for the Patriots (1981-87) and Dolphins (1990).

NFL Forecast: He's not a great lead blocker, but shows potential there. If he was to add another 15 or so pounds of muscle, he would more than capable there. As a runner, he's not great, but is a decent inside option on short-yardage situations. His best asset is his receiving potential. Not the most natural receiver, but does a good job working the flat. He's the type of guy that could be a nice 20-30 catch fullback out of the backfield, get some reps in goal line situations, and is a capable lead blocker. He won't excel in any one area, but is a nice all-around player that gives a team several options.

ATL Forecast: Collins is a lot like Mughelli when he came out of school, and if he bulks up like Mughelli did, he can develop into a solid and more physical lead blocker. But at this point, he's a lot more similar to Justin Griffith. He would be a nice versatile option behind Mughelli, but probably doesn't fit the style of smash mouth blocking the Falcons are looking for at the position.

Value: Collins is a solid late round prospect for some team that would be a nice sixth round pick, but wouldn't be a reach in the fifth for a West Coast team.
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