Pat White, QB, West Virginia

Scouting Reports of quarterbacks in the 2009 NFL draft.
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Pat White, QB, West Virginia

Postby Pudge » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:14 pm

Pat White
6-0/202 West Virginia
4.55 Senior

Pros: Has good arm. A capable runner with nice vision and shiftiness when he gets to the second level. Throws best when he's on the move.

Cons: Not comfortable in the pocket. Lacks presence there, needs to improve footwork, and has trouble seeing downfield due to lack of size. Needs to improve his accuracy. Forces too many passes and stares down receivers, showing generally lacking decision making.

Overview: He's a southpaw that works in WVU's zone-read spread. He's too raw as a drop back passer to really be a long-term option there. Has the smarts, work ethic, and athleticism to stick in the NFL, but at what positions. Was very productive in school with a 34-8 record as a starter, 65% completions, and 56:23 TD-INT ratio. Also rushed for 4,480 yards and 47 more touchdowns. Did have some issues with injuries in each season, being limited in at least one game.

NFL Forecast: I think White will make a better receiver than quarterback. He's just never going to be a consistent drop back passer due to his lack of size and polish working in the pocket. He rarely had to be that guy at West Virginia. But he has the ability to convert to a capable slot receiver. I think he can be a lot like a Antwaan Randl-El type at receiver. Won't be great, but should be a nice possession wideout. But could also work as a nice Wildcat QB and "slash" player. Could get some reps at QB, but not going to be an every down guy. Can run the ball, utilize the zone read, as well as line up at wideout, making him a versatile offensive weapon. But won't be for every team. A team like Miami could really use a player like that, but for most other teams he's probably best if you focus him at wide receiver.

ATL Forecast: White would be a nice secondary option in the Falcons offense, but really doesn't bring a lot to the table that Jerious Norwood already doesn't except that White has a better arm and more likely to be able to throw from the Wildcat. He could help out as a No. 3 receiver and could help out the Falcons offense, but may not be a consistent force.

Value: White is a nice middle round pick that if a team has a niche like Miami potentially does would make a nice third round pick, but probably a fourth or fifth rounder for most other teams.
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