Mike Teel, QB, Rutgers

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Mike Teel, QB, Rutgers

Postby Pudge » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:14 pm

Mike Teel
6-3/225 Rutgers
5.13 Senior

Pros: Has a strong arm and shows good potential and ability as a vertical passer. Does a nice job on the short and intermediate throws. Sets his feet nicely. Shows some ability to slide in the pocket and keeps his eyes downfield. Shows nice accuracy. Works well out of the shotgun.

Cons: Needs to improve his accuracy and timing, and do a better job leading receivers. Has inconsistent zip and touch on his deep throws. Pressure throws off his timing quite a bit and his mechanics tend to get sloppy leading to diminished accuracy. Can be a bit statuesque in the pocket which could lead to more sacks. He'll force some throws.

Overview: Teel has an NFL arm and flashes potential, but needs to shore up several areas of his game. Got off to a poor start as a senior, but had a strong finish, completing nearly 70% of his passes and having a 22:6 TD-INT ratio in the final 7 games, all wins for Rutgers. For his career, he was 28-13 with 58% completions and 59:49 ratio.

NFL Forecast: He could be a nice developmental prospect that could have a long career as a No. 2 quarterback. Has some potential to develop as a starter, but I don't think he'll be more than an average stopgap, like a stronger-armed version of Shaun Hill or Josh McCown. He showed improvement as a passer, but didn't really take the mantle of being the leader of the team after the graduation of Ray Rice last year, which probably led to the slow start for Rutgers this past year. But I think he can be a decent starter if he played in an offense that likes to stretch the field and has a good offensive line that can protect him. I could see Al Davis falling in love with him since he reminds me of classic big-armed, downfield-chucking Raiders quarterback. He can sit for a couple of years, but if he does get to learn one system, he stands a chance of being a competent starter.

ATL Forecast: Teel could work as a backup for the Falcons and could challenge for the No. 3 job. Although more likely he'd land on the practice squad with the chance of moving up in 2010 or beyond. He is probably not the best candidate to be a long-term backup to Ryan, but he could be a decent guy if you developed him for three or four years. But he's not going to contribute a lot in that time because he needs to be polished.

Value: Teel might merit a seventh round pick for a team looking for a guy that they can hand a clipboard for a few years.
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