Nate Longshore, QB, California

Scouting Reports of quarterbacks in the 2009 NFL draft.
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Nate Longshore, QB, California

Postby Pudge » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:13 pm

Nate Longshore
6-5/236 California
5.14 Senior

Pros: Has a good strong arm that can thread the needle. Has good size coupled with decent mobility. That allows him to buy time in the pocket because he's not easy to sack. Does a nice job sliding his feet in the pocket to avoid pressure.

Cons: Makes questionable decisions and too many mental mistakes. Trusts arm too much, and forces passes into tight windows. Lacks accuracy and touch and his short and intermediate passes tend to sail high. Doesn't lead his receivers. Doesn't set his feet and often times has sloppy mechanics.

Overview: He's got an NFL arm, but doesn't play with consistency and seems to lack it upstairs. Lost his starting job as a senior, after a promising start to his career. 20-10 as starter, 59.6% completions, and 51:31 TD-INT ratio.

NFL Forecast: His arm gets him in the door to the NFL, but his brain slams it shut. If a coach can really get him to improve his mechanics, he might make a competent backup. But even then, I think he'd be a marginal No. 3 guy in the pros. It's doubtful he suddenly develops into a smart decision maker at this point in his career. The upside is that his mechanics improve enough that his accuracy improves. And if you can cut down on enough of his poor decisions, he might be just about competent with good talent around him. But in truth, NFL teams would be wasting effort and time trying to develop him. Let him go to another league and develop for a few years. And if he can stick there, then you might be able to work with him from that point on. At that point you might be able to turn him into a poor man's Tommy Maddox. But that's still a ways away.

ATL Forecast: Longshore would essentially just be a camp body with the Falcons. His arm strength could wow you on occasion, but he doesn't really have a legitimate shot at making the roster or even the practice squad. Just too raw and too much development that needs to take place to expect him to contribute anything in Atlanta anytime soon.

Value: Some team will probably sign him as a free agent because they are curious about his arm, but he's a marginal undrafted free agent prospect.
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