David Johnson, QB, Tulsa

Scouting Reports of quarterbacks in the 2009 NFL draft.
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David Johnson, QB, Tulsa

Postby Pudge » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:13 pm

David Johnson
6-2/219 Tulsa
4.93 Senior

Pros: Has a good arm and pretty good zip on most throws, particularly the short routes. Has nice mobility and can make plays with his legs. Shows nice footwork in the pocket, knowing how to slide and move to avoid pressure. Shows good toughness and will dive for the first down even if it means taking a hit.

Cons: Will make some poor decisions, staring down receivers and forces throws into double coverage. Will rush throws and appears to be pressing at times. Can go into a shell when he's dealing with adversity. Holds onto the ball too long. Needs to improve his touch and accuracy on deep balls. Can get happy feet and needs to improve his pocket management. Doesn't throw well on the run. Has sloppy mechanics which leads to hit and miss arm strength and zip, and can't always make the out pass.

Overview: Might be able to contribute some things in a West Coast scheme. Lacks experience playing behind Paul Smith for his career. He works mostly out of the shotgun and will need to develop as a drop back passer. 11-3 as starter, 64.5% completions, and 46:18 TD-INT ratio in his lone season as starter.

NFL Forecast: Johnson lacks the upside to be a starter, but might be able to work as a backup if he spends time learning a single system. But I don't see him having a lot of success in the NFL. Mostly expect him to be a journeyman as a No. 3 for a number of years. Doesn't have ideal skills to project as a No. 2 long term. Should stick around for a few years, but eventually he'll wash out. Best for him will be playing in the Arena Leagues if they ever come back.

ATL Forecast: Johnson probably wouldn't make much of an impact in Atlanta. Doubtful he'd make it as a practice squad or No. 3 guy right away, and lacks the long-term upside even to be a capable No. 2 that makes him worth much effort for the Falcons.

Value: Johnson isn't worth a draft pick, but some team should pick him up for the summer.
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