Brian Johnson, QB, Utah

Scouting Reports of quarterbacks in the 2009 NFL draft.
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Brian Johnson, QB, Utah

Postby Pudge » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:12 pm

Brian Johnson
6-1/211 Utah
4.88 Senior

Pros: Has nice arm with good touch and accuracy. Leads receivers and shows good anticipation and timing. Has a quick release. Will go through his progressions and shows good intelligence and decision making. Nice mobility and can make plays with legs. Shows the ability to audible.

Cons: Works mostly out of the shotgun and will need to improve his footwork in the pocket. Has questionable mechanics and doesn't always step into his throws. Makes it difficult for him to throw the ball consistently with zip and not sure if he can throw downfield. Will stare down receivers at times. Has a quirky throwing motion, but shouldn't be an issue at the next level.

Overview: He's an efficient QB that knows his system well. 26-7 as the starter, including undefeated senior season. 66.2% completions with 57:27 TD-INT ratio. Missed all of 2006 with a knee injury.

NFL Forecast: The type of player that will likely be able to serve as a backup for a number of years, but then after three or four years could emerge as a starter. Doesn't have huge upside, but could be an efficient starter that knows how to manage the game. The biggest obstacles to his success will be his arm strength, but that should improve if he does better with his footwork and mechanics. He doesn't fit the classic skill set of a QB, but has the other things it takes to stick in the pros. If he can sit for a few years and learn an offense, he'll cause some worries for some top QB prospect down the road. I can definitely see him being another David Garrard, who essentially comes from nowhere to be a successful starter. Johnson can take your team to the playoffs, particularly if he has a supporting cast.

ATL Forecast: He would be a nice addition to the Falcons, having the ability to land the No. 3 job right away and potential to be the No. 2 to Ryan by 2010 or 2011. He's a smart guy that should make up for lack of great arm, similar to Ryan. He'd be a nice long-term backup to Ryan. Although barring him having a bit of playing time at some point due to Ryan getting hurt, he's not likely to be good trade bait by the end of his rookie contract.

Value: Johnson is a solid fifth round pick, that wouldn't be too crazy of a reach in the late fourth round.
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