Joe Ganz, QB, Nebraska

Scouting Reports of quarterbacks in the 2009 NFL draft.
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Joe Ganz, QB, Nebraska

Postby Pudge » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:11 pm

Joe Ganz
6-0/202 Nebraska
4.94 Senior

Pros: Shows excellent toughness. Has a decent arm capable of making many of the throws. Shows good on-field leadership and intangibles. Has nice mobility and good footwork in the pocket, able to slide to find passing lanes. Makes good decisions with the ball.

Cons: Lacks size and ideal arm strength. Zip will be lacking at times, making it questionable if he can get the ball downfield consistently. Because of lack of size, has difficulty seeing the field from the pocket and will take some time to go through his progressions.

Overview: Ganz physically is everything you don't want in an NFL quarterback, but mentally probably has a lot more to work with than many of the other players in the draft. Had a 10-6 record as a starter, completing 65% of his passes with a 40:18 TD-INT ratio in those games.

NFL Forecast: Ganz will have a hard-time sticking in the NFL. He's one of the players that could go from practice squad to practice squad for a number of years before finally sticking. But he's one of those Tony Romo or Marc Bulger types that goes under the radar, and then some veteran gets hurt and he steps in and surprises everyone. He's the type of player that I'd love to have as my starting QB in a lesser like the AFL or UFL, but will be hard-pressed to physically match up with the NFL game. I don't see him sticking, but it wouldn't be surprising if he comes from virtually nowhere and shows himself to be a competent, yet overmatched starter akin to a player like Shaun Hill.

ATL Forecast: Ganz could be a nice option to hide on the Falcons practice squad for a year or so, but it's doubtful he'd have any significant impact on the team at any point in the near future. He could potentially be hidden on the practice squad and then push for the No. 3 job in 2010, and then if things break well may be ready to handle the No. 2 job by 2012. But even if those things break well, he's a guy that is at best a backup in Atlanta. Could be a better long-term option than either of the guys the team has now, but he'll have to show a keen understanding of Mularkey's offense in order to overcome his physical limitations, something I'm not going to bet on.

Value: Don't draft Ganz, but definitely give him a shot as the fourth guy in camp for some team out there.
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