Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas State

Scouting Reports of quarterbacks in the 2009 NFL draft.
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Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas State

Postby Pudge » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:11 pm

Josh Freeman
6-6/252 Kansas State
4.97 Junior

Pros: Has a cannon for an arm and does a good job throwing downfield. Has excellent mobility and athleticism. He's a strong guy that is a tough runner. He's hard to bring down even for top defensive linemen because of his size and the inability to get a square hit on him. Shows nice footwork in the pocket and stands tall. Does a good job keeping his eyes downfield and throws very well on the run.

Cons: Lacks accuracy and touch on short throws. Overly relies on arm strength, looking to thread the needle and forces too many throws. Also relies on athleticism and mobility, holding onto the ball too long and looking to scramble instead of getting rid of the ball. Lacks ball security and holds it like a loaf of bread when he scrambles. Needs to go through his progressions quicker and makes some very questionable decisions. Doesn't seem to respond well to adversity.

Overview: Freeman is an intriguing developmental prospect, but as far as his football maturity and NFL readiness, I would say he's no further along than a sophomore in college. He needed another year in school at K-State to even come close to NFL readiness, and probably needs at least three sitting the bench in the pros to make up for it. Saw him showing a lot of frustration in the game vs. Oklahoma due to lack of pass protection. I don't think he's ready to be a leader of men at the next level. His father, Ron, played 2 seasons as a LB in the USFL. Had a 14-18 record as a starter, going 9-14 against Big 12 opponents. Rushed for 14 TDs as a senior. Finished his career with a 60.3% completions, 44:30 TD- INT ratio in games he started.

NFL Forecast: As far as physical abilities, he compares favorably to Daunte Culpepper because of his size and strength. But in terms of actual ability, I think he's much closer to Tony Banks. His decision making is what really hurts him more than anything. And if you play him too soon, it's only going to mean trouble. He's going to be a guy that is probably sacked a lot and only capable of completing less than 58% of his passes throughout his career. His physical abilities alone will make a team competitive, a lot like Vick and Vince Young do, but like them I think he's lacking the intangibles and leadership abilities to really be considered a top quarterback capable of leading teams deep into the playoffs consistently. If he can sit for a couple of seasons and learn one offense, then I think he has a good chance of living up to his potential, but if he's thrown to the wolves with a year or less under his belt, he's going to struggle and eventually wash out in the league as a starter.

ATL Forecast: If he was a Falcon, I think the team would be better off trying to make him into a "slash" player than really trying to develop him. He could sit for a couple of years behind Ryan, in the hopes that down the road you could deal him for some early picks. But he doesn't have the ability to really be an ideal backup because of his inconsistency and poor decision making. On the bench, he'd be better used as a situational guy, like say a Wildcat QB/WR/TE than as a true blue backup QB.

Value: Because of his athletic upside, Freeman may merit a late 2nd round pick. But as far as ability goes, he's a middle rounder that needs to sit and learn for two or three years.
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