Nate Davis, QB, Ball State

Scouting Reports of quarterbacks in the 2009 NFL draft.
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Nate Davis, QB, Ball State

Postby Pudge » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:11 pm

Nate Davis
6-1/226 Ball State
5.01 Junior

Pros: Has an excellent arm, showing the ability to fling it downfield with a flick of the wrist. Has good touch on his deep throws. Shows a quick release. Despite lack of ideal size, does a nice job standing tall in the pocket, and plays more like he's 6-3 or 6-4. Shows good decision making and intelligence. Uses the pump fake well. Shows surprising mobility and can make some plays happen with his legs. Works well in the shotgun.

Cons: Release and mechanics may need to be tweaked. Dips the ball low in his throwing motion and tends to throw more off his front foot like a baseball pitcher than an NFL quarterback. Accuracy can be inconsistent on shorter throws because of those mechanics. Also holds the ball with the laces and wears gloves, which is very unorthodox. Not natural moving around pocket. Tends to stare down and lock onto receivers, and needs to do a better job seeing the field.

Overview: Davis has a nice skill set, with a nice combo of arm strength and intelligence. He's a developmental prospect, but flashes the intangibles you like to see in your starting QB. He compiled a 22-12 record as a starter, with a career completion % of 60.3% and a 74:22 TD- INT ratio. Older brother, Jose, was a backup QB primarily in the CFL and AFL from 2000-08.

NFL Forecast: Davis probably needs to sit for a year or two. In that time, his coaches need to work with his mechanics primarily. They don't need to be overhauled, but tweaked somewhat. If that happens, I think he can have a solid NFL career. Probably won't be an elite QB, but I think a capable starter. Plays like Joe Flacco but in Donovan McNabb's body. At the least, he should be a quality backup over the long haul of his NFL career. He's one of those players that could surprise teams down the road with how effective he can be. He'd work best in an offense that uses a lot of shotgun and likes to spread the field. But I don't think he'll have too much trouble transitioning to a drop back offense if you give him some time.

ATL Forecast: Davis would be a nice option to develop as a backup to Ryan here in Atlanta. He's not a great fit for the Falcon offense, but is a good enough fit to think he could be a quality backup here. He'd likely land as the No. 3 here right away, and then would be ready to take over the No. 2 job by 2011 at the latest. Doubtful he'd surpass Ryan, but could be a nice developmental player that we could trade away come 2012 for picks.

Value: Davis is worth a third round pick. For a team desperate for a young QB to develop, he might be worth a late 2nd round pick if that team was willing to sit him for a year or two.
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