Chase Daniel, QB, Missouri

Scouting Reports of quarterbacks in the 2009 NFL draft.
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Chase Daniel, QB, Missouri

Postby Pudge » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:11 pm

Chase Daniel
6-0/218 Missouri
4.79 Senior

Pros: Has a quick release with good zip on most of his throws. Has the arm to throw downfield. Shows good leadership and toughness, and shows he's not afraid to take a hit. Has good mobility and can be a deceptively dangerous runner in the open field. Does a good job on the short, quick throws. Uses the pump fake well, and does a nice job going through his progressions. Shows nice timing and anticipation.

Cons: Is short and may not have the size to take the NFL punishment. Has trouble seeing passing lanes. Rarely takes a snap directly from center and not sure if he has the footwork to be a drop back passer. Doesn't set his feet always and will throw flat-footed, not stepping into his throws. Will stare down his receivers at times and forces some passes. Will get happy feet and presses when he's pressured. Needs to improve his zip on the outs and touch on his deep throws.

Overview: Daniel has been so successful at Missouri, partially because he is very experience in the spread offense, going back to high school. He's the perfect spread quarterback, but now will have to adapt to the NFL offense, which will be a major leap for him. His lack of height hurts him because he has trouble seeing downfield, and it's one of the reasons why he always lines up in the shotgun to create space for him to see throwing lanes. But a very productive college QB that shows the necessary intangibles to be a leader at the next level. Career record of 30-11 as a starter, completing 68% of his passes with a 101:42 TD-INT ratio.

NFL Forecast: If he can get some time to sit, watch, and learn an offense he has a chance. But he's a project. His lack of size is going to hurt him a lot when he tries to transition to a drop back passer. And the best scheme for him is probably one that rolls him out the pocket a lot to open up throwing lanes and features a lot of shorter passes. Basically, he's a similar player to Doug Flutie. And his playing style as is, is more geared for the CFL rather than the NFL. Could be a star in the CFL, and after a few years can again try his luck in the NFL much like Flutie and Jeff Garcia. He could be a serviceable starter in the right offense, but that would be an offense that basically rolls him out every down, and doubtful it would be consistent and efficient. But probably his most likely future is a decent backup.

ATL Forecast: Daniel could make a decent backup in Atlanta down the road, but he too is another player that the Falcons shouldn't waste their efforts on developing. He could be a nice option with the Falcons high use of bootleg, but that's about it. Let another team develop him for a couple of years, and then sign him to be a backup down the road. He could make the team as a No. 3 right away, but doubtful he'd do much to climb up the depth chart in the coming years.

Value: For an enterprising team, willing to be patient, he might be worth a seventh round pick.
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