Chris Crane, QB, Boston College

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Chris Crane, QB, Boston College

Postby Pudge » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:10 pm

Chris Crane
6-5/231 Boston College
4.71 Senior

Pros: Has a good arm capable of making all the throws. Shows good accuracy on shorter routes and appears comfortable in a dink and dunk offense. Works best in shotgun and has fine mechanics. Has nice mobility to pick up extra yardage, although it won't be pretty. Shows toughness when on the run, taking some hits.

Cons: Inconsistent zip and will float too many passes. Hurts his timing because of it. Has trouble throwing downfield for similar reasons. Will stare down his receivers and needs to make better decisions. There is an obvious lack of experience. Needs to improve his footwork in the pocket and he doesn't appear to know how to slide.

Overview: Crane spent four years as the backup to Matt Ryan, and played much like a freshman-level quarterback this past year. You see his physical potential, and if you could give him two or three more years working as a starter, you might have something. Was 9-3 as a starter at BC.

NFL Forecast: He has potential, but it's doubtful he will get the chance and patience to develop it at the NFL level. Has a big arm, and you see flashes of his potential here and there with nice intangibles. But he's a guy that needs to go into another league like the CFL for a couple of years before he really can have a legit shot at sticking in the NFL.

ATL Forecast: You'd like see if Crane could be Ryan's backup on the NFL level, but Crane is too raw for the Falcons to really waste much effort on developing him. Instead, let some other team (or probably league) put in the effort, and the Falcons can potentially reap the benefits three or four years down the road.

Value: Crane might be worth a camp invite for some team, but only if you're really desperate for a fourth body for camp.
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