Tom Brandstater, QB, Fresno State

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Tom Brandstater, QB, Fresno State

Postby Pudge » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:09 pm

Tom Brandstater
6-5/222 Fresno State
4.95 Senior

Pros: Has good size. Has a nice arm that shows zip on most of his throws. Has a quick release. Has nice mobility to extend plays and can throw on the run. Shows nice field vision at times, going through his progressions. Best trait is probably his anticipation and timing and does a nice job leading receivers and throwing guys open.

Cons: Needs to improve his accuracy. Lacks touch on his deep throws and doesn't show great touch and placement on the short throws at times. Needs to improve his footwork and presence in the pocket, as he can get happy feet at times. Will force some passes into coverage, and tends to trust his arm too much. Will float some passes out to the sideline. He's not a threat to run and pick up yardage with his legs.

Overview: He works mostly out of the shotgun, and a lot of his success seems to be scripted, with him making throws based solely off his first read. Needs to go to his second progression more often. You see flashes of potential in him, but he's not consistent from start to finish. Had a 20-16 career record, completed 61% of his passes over his final two seasons, and had a TD-INT ratio of 33:17 in that two-year span as well.

NFL Forecast: Brandstater probably isn't consistent enough for me to really consider him a future starter. He'll show that potential on a handful of plays each game, but I need to see a lot more to be confident in him leading my team. I think he can make a solid backup. If he can sit and watch for a few years and learn one offense, then he might have a chance as a decent starter, but I don't expect him to be winning any championships. I think he is the ideal Mike Martz quarterback, which is an offense that is often scripted and has a lot of timing-based throws. In that offense, I could see him having some moderate success as a starter. But for most other offenses, his accuracy, mechanics, and decision making aren't top notch.

ATL Forecast: He'd have a chance here in Atlanta as a backup, but doesn't look like he's particularly better than any of the team's current options as a long-term backup to Ryan. He could be developed and might be decent, but it isn't obvious. That makes him a developmental guy that could potentially unseat Shockley for the No. 3 job as a rookie, but not sure he'd be ready to be the No. 2 by 2010 when Redman's contract expires. He'd probably have to sit for at least another year or two.

Value: For a team looking to bury a guy as their No. 3 guy on their depth chart for two or three years, he's worth a seventh round pick. Maybe if Martz was still coaching, he'd take him in the sixth.
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