John Parker Wilson, QB, Alabama

Scouting Reports of quarterbacks in the 2009 NFL draft.
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John Parker Wilson, QB, Alabama

Postby Pudge » Thu Sep 16, 2010 1:21 pm

John Parker Wilson
6-2/215 Alabama
4.87 Senior

Pros:: Has a nice strong arm with the capable of threading the needle. Shows nice ability and potential as a vertical passer. Has a quick release. Throws well on the run and has the mobility to extend plays with his legs when the pocket breaks down. Works well on short, timed routes. Is tough and will take a hit. Manages the game well and generally makes good decisions.

Cons: Has some issues with accuracy which might have to due with some inconsistent mechanics. Can be inconsistent on his deep passes, putting too much air on his long ball. His mechanics and decision making break down when he's pressured. Will force some throws. Needs to improve his footwork inside the pocket in order to evade rushers.

Overview: Manages Alabama's offense well for the most part. They were a running team that when they could run well, he played very well. When they were forced to become a passing team, his play dipped. 25-15 as a starter, 57% completions, and 47:30 TD-INT ratio.

NFL Forecast: If he's protected and has a good running game to balance the attack, he'll be a solid pro. Wilson will have the chance to be a more competent passer at the next level if he can sit and learn an offense for a few years. He's the type of player that I think could have a very long NFL career as a backup, but with some decent years as a starter mixed in there. He reminds me of Gus Frerotte and Brad Johnson, but more of those guys when they were in their 30s as opposed to their 20s. After a few years, he'll make a solid backup, but lacks the ideal intangibles to be anything beyond a short-term starter.

ATL Forecast: He'd be a good option as a backup to Ryan. If the Falcons could sit him for his first two years, then he should be ready to takeover the No. 2 job by 2011 or so. And he could be a nice long-term option behind Ryan, but isn't going to be a starter here in Atlanta, at least not for any significant period of time.

Value: Wilson is a developmental prospect that lacks ideal upside as a starter. That makes him a fifth round pick.
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