Mike Brandtner, P, Iowa State

Scouting reports of kickers, punters, and long snappers in the 2010 draft.
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Mike Brandtner, P, Iowa State

Postby Pudge » Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:00 pm

Iowa State Senior

PROS: Has nice leg strength. DOes a nice job with his placement on the short field. Is able to pin teams deep and gets good hang time on his kicks.
CONS: Not a distance punter and doesn't have a booming leg.
OVERVIEW: Brandtner served as Iowa State's punter for four years and is a solid guy in terms of placement and forcing fair catches. But is less impressive when it comes to kicking for distance. Only averaged 40.7 yards on 242 punts in his career, but placed 74 inside the 20, with only 24 touchbacks and no blocks.
NFL FORECAST: Brandtner has the directional kicking potential to stick in the NFL. But he doesn't have the big leg that teams prefer with their young kickers. So it's going to be hard for him to stick right away. But he does have the accurate leg that he works well on the short field and will force returns to fair catch instead of returns. I'd compare him to a punter like Chris Mohr because this is what Mohr excelled at. But like Mohr, Brandtner is never going to be a guy that averages more than 40 or 41 yards per punt. And while on a team with a good offense that can move the ball that is not a bad thing, but on a team that can't consistently get the ball to midfield offensively, then his inability to punt his team out of those situations won't go over well. I think he'll find a place in the NFL, but he might have to bounce around for a few summers and then be picked up by a team during the season for whatever reason to get his in into the league. He is good enough to push for time right away, but doesn't quite have the big enough leg to really stand out in camp to win a job.
ATL FORECAST: He would work well in Atlanta because kicking indoors would enhance his ability to limit opponents from returning the ball. But he doesn't have a big leg and while he would be a nice extra leg to have in camp, he's not going to unseat Koenen who has a much stronger leg and also is a good directional kicker. But if the Falcons chose not to give Koenen a long-term extension after this season, then he would be an option, although not the ideal one because it would leave the team needing to find a kickoff guy.
VALUE: Brandtner isn't good enough to draft, but should definitely get an invite to camp.
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