Joshua Shene, K, Mississippi

Scouting reports of kickers, punters, and long snappers in the 2010 draft.
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Joshua Shene, K, Mississippi

Postby Pudge » Sat Mar 13, 2010 3:28 am

Joshua Shene
Mississippi Senior

PROS: Has a good leg with range up to around 50 yards. Shows nice accuracy on shorter kicks.
CONS: Inconsistent accuracy from beyond 40 yards. Doesn't kick off.
OVERVIEW: Made 75% of his career 58 kicks. Kicked off earlier in his career, but was not productive there. Made 50% of his kicks from beyond 40 yards.
NFL FORECAST: Shene has a good enough leg for the NFL level, but doesn't have the big leg needed to be able to kick off. So any team that picks him up will either have to play in a dome, or already have a kickoff specialist on the roster. And given the small number of punters that kick off and teams reluctance to carry a second kicker, that means the odds are stacked against him with sticking on some team. He's also going to have to improve his accuracy and kicking from beyond 40 yards as he was inconsistent there. He has enough talent to play in the NFL, but doesn't show the upside to really think he'll be special. The type of guy that a team signs midseason for emergency kicking rather than being considered a long-term option. He's probably more likely to land a gig in the CFL or AFL than the NFL.
ATL FORECAST: Shene would be an extra leg for the Falcons to bring into camp but really doesn't have the upside and ability to think he could win a job or that the team would give him serious consideration down the road even in an emergency situation. But Atlanta is probably one of the few environments where he could actually work in since he wouldn't have to kick off and the dome should improve his consistency. But he'd be hard-pressed to make our roster.
VALUE: Shene is good enough to get a look in camp for some teams, particularly ones that already have a capable kickoff specialist. But teams are probably better off letting him go north to Canada for a few years before really giving him a real look.
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