Bo McNally, FS, Stanford

Scouting reports of safeties in the 2010 draft.
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Bo McNally, FS, Stanford

Postby Pudge » Sun Mar 21, 2010 2:18 pm

40: 4.66 (Campus)

PROS: Shows tenacity and plays to whistle. Does a nice job coming up and defending the run and will take on lead blocker to free up teammates. Can make the stop in the open field at the point of attack. Wraps up and is a capable tackler. Shows nice closing burst on the ball and decent range. Solid in short and intermediate zones, showing the ability to read QB and make a play on the ball when he's allowed to keep things in front of him.
CONS: Lacks speed and if receivers get behind him as they can do, he won't be able to recover. Will bite on the play fake at times and lose his man. Takes some poor angles at times and misses some stops in the open field at times, especially against quicker ballcarriers and receivers. Can be late coming over the top when working in deep centerfield, and not a ballhawk.
OVERVIEW: A capable player that doesn't have great physical tools, but makes up for it with toughness and production. Led team in tackles all three years as a starter. Started 38 career games with 10 interceptions, 4 sacks, 18.5 TFLs, and 294 tackles.
NFL FORECAST: I'm not sure he has the size or speed that teams will want in a starter. He reminds me a bit of Jon McGraw. He doesn't even have McGraw's size and speed though, but in terms of his NFL potential I think that's probably the type of player he will be. Good enough to be a serviceable starter, but not a guy that you build around and probably further down the road becomes a journeyman. It's not really an issue of whether he can contribute in run support. He can, but his lack of speed and ideal range means that he'll miss a lot more stops because he can't get in position fast enough to make the stop. Speed is definitely something you need as a safety in the pros, and I'm not sure he has enough of it. But his style of play is likely to land him a good position on special teams, and if he can improve his intelligence and awareness, he might be able to somewhat overcome his lack of speed to a small degree. If he plays in a cover-2 heavy scheme, he probably stands a better chance. But more than likely, McNally is a player that will have a nice long NFL career, but mainly as a backup.
ATL FORECAST: McNally could add nice depth to the Falcons, but doesn't really have a shot at pushing either Moore or DeCoud as starters. He could be a nice backup if he can develop into a strong special teams performer, and I think he can/will. And down the road, if he can improve his awareness, he might make a serviceable stopgap emergency fill-in starter in case something happens to DeCoud or Moore, but there are probably better reserve options out there.
VALUE: He is worth a draft pick because he can make an NFL roster on his special teams ability alone, but since he has very limited upside, he's only worth a sixth or seventh round pick.
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