Jamie Robinson, FS, Florida State

Scouting reports of safeties in the 2010 draft.
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Jamie Robinson, FS, Florida State

Postby Pudge » Fri Apr 02, 2010 2:55 pm

6'2" 190
Florida State Senior

PROS: Has decent speed and burst showing some range. Will come up and deliver the hit on the receiver over the middle. Willing in run support and will wrap up. Shows some ability to keep things in front of him in short and intermediate zones.
CONS: Is undersized and sports a thin build. Not a strong tackler, tends to be a drag-down guy that can be a liability at times at the point of attack. Takes too many poor angles to the ball. Tends to be a step late to make a play on the ball, instead settling for just making the tackle or hit. Shows poor awareness in coverage, biting on play fakes, and too often lets receivers get behind him on deep throws. Too eager at times to defend the run, which hurt his coverage responsibilities.
OVERVIEW: He's an undersized safety that only seemed to make plays on the ball when there were errant or poor throws made by the quarterback. A former corner that moved to free safety as a junior. Led FSU in picks this past year with 4, also adding 74 tackles and scored a touchdown on a return.
NFL FORECAST: Considering he's a former corner, you would think he'd be much better in coverage than he is. But alas, he's not. His thin build also is going to hurt him vs. the run and he'll basically be a liability there at this point. The only way I see him sticking on the next level is if he can play well on special teams. He would need to bulk up significantly and put on another 15 or so pounds just to be able to compete reliably vs. the run. And I'd state that he was a big reason why Florida State's pass defense was so poor this year as he seemed to give up a big play almost every game I saw this year.
ATL FORECAST: Unless the Falcons really liked Robinson's special teams ability, he's not going to stick in Atlanta. He is just doesn't anything well enough to like his potential.
VALUE: Robinson is a borderline prospect that might be worth a look in camp, but you're unlikely to miss much if you don't sign him.
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