Andre Sexton, SS, Oklahoma State

Scouting reports of safeties in the 2010 draft.
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Andre Sexton, SS, Oklahoma State

Postby Pudge » Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:28 pm

Andre Sexton
Oklahoma State Senior
40: 4.63 (Campus)

Pros: Has decent hips, burst and footwork to match up with the tight end in man coverage and can cover the back in the flat. Has good closing burst on the ball with good speed. Comfortable working in space and zone, and does a good job keeping things in front of him and flashes ball skills.

Cons: Undersized tackler as a linebacker. Runs around blocks and gets caught up in traffic. Will bite on the play fake and get caught looking in the backfield. Takes bad angles at times and will miss open stops in the field.

Overview: Sexton plays linebacker for OSU, but he's probably a better fit as a safety at the next level.

NFL Forecast: I think Sexton can make a nice transition to safety. He's undersized linebacker, but doesn't show the great coverage ability to make a smooth transition to safety. But I think with some time, he can do it. He'll be a nice strong safety, and he can compete in coverage, just needs to show that he has the awareness to play deep responsibilities. He could play linebacker in some schemes, but he'd have to bulk up significantly, and he'll never be a great run stopper at that position. He'd have to play in a Tampa-2 scheme and probably add another 15 pounds of muscle. This makes him a tweener, which means that as he's adjusting to the NFL, he'll have to contribute right away on special teams. If he doesn't, then he'll likely never get the time to develop. But if he does, he'll get that chance and could down the road develop into an adequate starter. But more than likely, he'll be a career backup.

ATL Forecast: Sexton really is more of the same for the Falcons. He could play as a reserve linebacker, but only on special teams. And as a safety, he would not bring much to the table other than being a decent reserve. If he could play on special teams he could be a decent backup to Moore, since they are comparable players due to their size. But that's about all you can really draw the comparison for. He's unlikely to stick long-term in Atlanta as there will likely be better options down the road that are better fits.

Value: Sexton is worth a late round pick, but because of his tweener status he is probably best being picked in the late fifth or sixth round.
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