Jordan Lake, FS, Baylor

Scouting reports of safeties in the 2010 draft.
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Jordan Lake, FS, Baylor

Postby Pudge » Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:29 pm

Jordan Lake
Baylor Senior
40: 4.79 (Campus)

Pros: Has good speed and burst and does a nice job coming up to defend the run. Shows some pop as a hitter. Can jump throwing lanes on short zones. Does a decent job weaving through traffic when he's working in the box.

Cons: Takes poor angles to the ball and can get caught out of position vs. the run. Also can be late coming over to defend the pass when he's workign in deep coverage. Doesn't have great hips and will have trouble matching up with slot receivers. Can get run over at the point of attack and misses stops in the open field.

Overview: He is able to make up for many of his mistakes with his speed, but is too inconsistent in both run support and coverage to be considered a big factor on the next level.

NFL Forecast: Lake can compete on special teams and I think can excel there. But he'll be hard-pressed to contribute on defense. You like his size and speed, and he'll flash ability there, but he's just not naturally aware in coverage and struggles too much in run support to be trusted. He's the type of player that can be a reserve, and perhaps down the road might be a competent fill-in starter for a quarter or two if a starter gets injured. But he's not a player that you would trust to start for more than a game or two. But he can find a nice niche as a reserve backup free safety.

ATL Forecast: He could add depth to the Falcons roster, but he would have to prove that he's as good a special teams players as Antoine Harris in order to make the roster. You like his size and speed over Harris, but Harris is best in coverage. But Lake might be good enough to land a backup spot here in Atlanta, but doesn't have the upside to really become much more. He's probably not good enough to land a second contract with the Falcons unless he proves himself to be a special teams ace.

Value: Lake might be worth a late round pick for a team looking to bolster its special teams and depth, but he's probably better served going undrafted.
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