Walter Thurmond III, CB, Oregon

Scouting reports of cornerbacks in the 2010 draft.
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Walter Thurmond III, CB, Oregon

Postby OGDraft » Sat Jan 23, 2010 11:03 am

Walter Thurmond III - CB - Oregon
Height: 6'0
Weight: 180
40 Time: 4.42
Projected: 4th


- Good height (6'0)
- Very experienced, 4 year starter
- Very athletic
- Good leaping ability
- Can probably run a sub 4.45
- Shows toughness, has played through injuries in the past
- Playmaker (12 Career INT, 3 returned for TD's)
- Can get physical with the WR
- Has a good jam despite his lack of strength
- Great tackler in the open field and can support against the run
- Solid recognition skills
- Great hands and concentration to knock passes away
- Great deep ball defender, runs step-for-step with the WR shielding him away from the ball
- Primarily a man coverage corner and is best in man
- Can return kicks


- Very skinny (180 lbs.)
- Has a bit of an injury history (Only played 4 games this year due to a knee sprain)
- Lack of strength allows him to get blocked easily once the WR gets his hands on him
- Plays too soft off WR's, could be the result of coaching instructions, and seems to be at his best when he is physical with the WR
- Needs to be more aggressive on shorter routes


Walter Thurmond has flown under the radar this year because of his injury. He is a talented CB that is a great athlete. He was very productive at Oregon before he got hurt. For the most part he kept Dez Bryant in check in their bowl game last year which impressed me. He is also very physical against the run and will come up to make plays. He would have most likely been a 2nd round pick had he not gotten hurt. He is more of a mid-round pick now.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

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Re: Walter Thurmond III, CB, Oregon

Postby Pudge » Sat Jan 23, 2010 12:10 pm

Oregon Senior

PROS: He's got good speed along with good hips and burst. He's willing in run support and will deliver blow to ballcarrier or receiver. Is a solid kickoff returner because of his speed and acceleration. Has ability to play well in both man and zone coverage.
CONS: Needs to improve tackling and do a better job wrapping up the defender and taking better angles to the ball.
OVERVIEW: Thurmond was another player I didn't get a chance to see play this year, and basing this off his performance from a year ago. He tore his ACL in the fourth game of the season. But he still managed to have 17 tackles, 1 INT, and 3 passes defended, and took 1 kickoff to the house before he was hurt. Thurmond formed a formidable pair of corners last year with Jairus Byrd, and I think at least at the end of last year, Thurmond had the much brighter NFL future. Byrd went on to make the Pro Bowl as a rookie with the Bills at safety and had 6 picks.
NFL FORECAST: What impressed me about Thurmond last year was that he was able to match up with Dez Bryant in Oregon's bowl game last year and handled himself very well. Both him and Byrd alternated covering Bryant. Byrd had some struggles, Thurmond did not. And that to me shows his potential to be a top guy in man coverage. The knee injury is a concern because he may be somewhat limited as a rookie. Now he should be rehabbed and 100% by the time the season starts, but you always have to be somewhat concerned with draft picks that are coming off injuries because you really didn't get to monitor how their rehabs went between the time they were hurt and they time they join your team in May or June. And that means they could have pushed themselves too hard or not hard enough, which makes the possibility of them contributing as rookies a lot less. So team doctors will have to be close consultants when it comes to Thurmond. But I think when he does get healthy whether that's 2010 or 2011, he has a chance to be a really good starting corner. His upside is such that he may not be one of the elite corners, but I think there is a lot about him that makes me believe he can be a caliber of player on par with a Terence Newman. He is a good kickoff returner that should be able to contribute there if that knee is healthy.
ATL FORECAST: Thurmond would be a good fit in Atlanta because he can potentially excel in both man and zone coverage schemes that the Falcons run. Depending on the health of his knee will determine if he can come in right away, compete and win a starting job. But I'm fairly confident that by his second season at the latest he'd be starting for the Falcons, with the potential to be their top cover corner. He has the potential to be able to match up with the better receivers in the league. Not to mention he could also potentially be a better kickoff returner than Weems because of his top speed and acceleration.
VALUE: Had Thurmond not been injured, based off his strong finish from a year ago, I would have projected him to be a first round pick. So I see first round potential in him, but because of the injury he should be an early to mid-second rounder instead.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

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