Brian Coulter, OLB, Missouri

Scouting reports of outside and inside linebackers in the 2010 draft.
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Brian Coulter, OLB, Missouri

Postby Pudge » Sat Apr 10, 2010 12:08 am

Missouri Senior
40: 4.92 (Campus)

PROS: Has a quick first step that can challenge the corner. Shows a decent spin move and a quick, inside counter off the edge. Has experience playing with his hand off the ground and is a decent tackler that wraps up. Closes quickly on the ball showing ability to make the play on the backside pursuit.
CONS: Not very comfortable moving in space. Doesn't get off blocks well and doesn't really show know-how to stack and shed blockers. Overly relies on his edge speed as a pass rusher and doesn't always get a good jump off the snap negating his quickness.
OVERVIEW: A decent pass rusher that didn't produce at a high level at Missouri, but flashes potential that is worth developing. A former JUCO transfer that originally signed with Florida State before winding up at Missouri. Was nagged by foot injury early in his junior, but managed to finish with 6.5 TFLs and 3 sacks as a reserve. Became a starter at defensive end this past year and finished with 3.5 TFLs and 2 sacks. Had off-season shoulder surgery before his senior year.
NFL FORECAST: Coulter is worth a look by a 3-4 team looking for a guy to develop as a pass rusher. But I'm not sure he has enough polish to really stick in the league right away. He just doesn't have the great athleticism to stick as a linebacker, and is undersized to play defensive end. So he's basically a tweener that is probably a few years away from being able to compete. And even then you're probably talking about just being a backup. He's the type of player that could go north of the border and have a lot more success, and then eventually come back to the States down the road and be able to compete like a Derek Wake. But unless a team is fairly patient, it's hard for me to see him sticking right away.
ATL FORECAST: Coulter would be a better option as an end than linebacker in Atlanta. He would need to add some muscle, and even then he could just push for time, but have a hard time making the roster. Maybe he makes the practice squad, but unless he shows significant improvement his second summer, he's unlikely to stick.
VALUE: He's too much of a project to merit a draft pick, but someone should give him a look in camp.
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