Lorenzo Washington, DE/DT, Alabama

Scouting reports of defensive tackles in the 2010 draft.
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Lorenzo Washington, DE/DT, Alabama

Postby Pudge » Mon Apr 12, 2010 12:45 pm

Alabama Senior
40: 5.21

PROS: Has a decent first step that flashes quick burst upfield, and works well on stunts. Flashes potential as a bull rusher when working inside. Can get leverage vs. the run.
CONS: Lacks the burst off the corner to really challenge the edge. Doesn't really engage blockers all that much, and lacks pass rush moves. Can be late off the snap. Needs to improve recognition, as he loses contain on the cutback. Needs to do a better job breaking down in space when he does penetrate, as he'll miss some stops and sacks. Has an inconsistent motor.
OVERVIEW: Washington plays several spots along Alabama's line, but for the most part plays end in the 5-technique in their 3-man front. But he'll get reps inside and outside when they use 4 down linemen, and will be used at the nose on passing downs in a 3-man front. He has past experience as a starter playing nose guard as a sophomore before the arrival of Cody. For his career, he totaled 6 sacks and 12 tackles for loss.
NFL FORECAST: I would describe more as versatile than effective. While he can make occasional plays, I don't see him as a guy that is good enough to do so at the next level. He can add value as a rotational player, and his versatility means he can be used in a variety of schemes and roles, but I don't forsee him becoming an impact player in any of them. At this point, I believe he'd work best as an end in a 3-4 scheme. His next best position maybe as a 3-technique tackle in 4-3 scheme, but I think he's going to have to get bigger and stronger if he wants to hold up in either scheme. He's one of those players that I think to take advantage of his skillset, his optimum playing weight is in the 300-305 range. I think he'll add depth on the next level, and in time if he adds more mass and/or develops his technique better can be a fairly reliable backup down the road. I think he'll be buried on a depth chart his first few years in the league, and if a team is patient might start paying dividends as a role player in his third and fourth years. But I think it's likely that in the meantime he'll contribute little and teams may find better options with greater long-term potential to develop.
ATL FORECAST: As is, Washington could contribute a bit as an end on running downs and interior pass rusher. But he offers little as a pass rusher on the outside, so his better value long-term will be to bulk up and improve as an interior run defender and pass rusher. Again, he probably should put on another 10-15 pounds in order to do this. BUt I don't see him sticking in Atlanta because I don't think he has the size or the motor to really impress the coaches right off the bat.
VALUE: For a 3-4 team looking for a developmental backup, I might take him in the seventh round, but really he's probably better off going undrafted because of his limited potential to contribute right away.
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