Mick Williams, DT, Pittsburgh

Scouting reports of defensive tackles in the 2010 draft.
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Mick Williams, DT, Pittsburgh

Postby Pudge » Wed Mar 31, 2010 5:48 pm

Pittsburgh Senior

PROS: He has a quick first step and is able to shoot gaps and make plays behind the line of scrimmage. A natural pass rusher that uses swim, spin, and bull rush to beat blocker one on one. Has good closing burst on the ball. Has a good motor and works his way to the quarterback. Gives chase downfield, has good range, and can make plays laterally down the line in pursuit. Can get under blocks and get leverage to make stops at the point of attack.
CONS: Undersized and can get engulfed vs. the run. Needs to get off blocks better. Struggles against double teams.
OVERVIEW: A three-year starter at PItt that had best year as a senior. Finished with 42 tackles, 17 tackles for loss, 5 sacks, and 3 forced fumbles, all career highs. A disruptive guy that is undersized, but can excel in a one-gap scheme in a 3-technique.
NFL FORECAST: Williams excelled when he was allowed to take on blockers one on one, and exposed the athletic limitations of a lot of college guards. But he won't have the same success in the pros. And he'll be limited at the next level. He can be disruptive, which helps him vs. the run, but he'll be routinely facing guards that outweigh him by 30 pounds and will struggle vs. the run. He has the potential to get better if he can bulk up, but he doesn't have the frame that allows him to really be anything more than 10 or so pounds bigger. If Tony Dungy was still in the league, he could excel for the Dungy coached Colts who love disruptive guys like him. He can help a rotation, but unless he can do a better job getting leverage vs. the run and getting off blocks, he's not going to rise up the depth chart. But he has the potentail to develop. If he can improve and develop his pass rush moves, he'll find a place in the league at least as a situational pass rusher. He'll do best for teams that like their defensive tackles to be very disruptive.
ATL FORECAST: Williams could stick in Atlanta because the coaches like disruptive players, but he'd probably be limited to being a backup unless he can significantly improve vs. the run. He can compete for the No. 4 job right away, because of his ability to play on passing downs. He could eventually develop into a nice No. 3 on passing downs, but would have to significantly improve vs. the run to really stick in Atlanta because the team already has two good pass rushers in Babineaux and Jerry.
VALUE: He'd be worth a fourth round by the Dungy-coached Colts, but for most other 4-3 teams, he's a fifth or sixth round pick.

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