Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee

Scouting reports of defensive tackles in the 2010 draft.
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Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee

Postby Mr. Offseason » Fri Jan 22, 2010 5:43 pm

Pros: Has a great motor, good size and he moves very well for a 315+ pound man. He gets off the ball quickly, has good agility and is able to penetrate. However he also holds up fairly well versus double teams especially when he is fresh. He is not rotated out often so as the game goes on sometimes he wears down a bit. However he has the strength and motor to collapse the pocket versus a double team and has the strength and quickness to manhandle a 1 on 1 block from an offensive lineman. He sheds blocks well and seems to have good hand usage, not to mention he wraps up well for a defensive lineman. He just hustles after every play and that makes a big difference.

Cons: He does not have pass rush moves that I can tell. He tried a spin move once or maybe twice but it had no impact. He can bull rush and shed the block well but he really has no pass rush moves. He needs to play with good leverage on every play to take advantage of his strength, but like most DT’s as he wears down he starts to play a little high and that limits his effectiveness against double teams and the run game.

Overall: He is definitely a good player. I don’t think he is an elite talent because he isn’t a finished product yet as he really only rushes the passer with a bull rush at this point. He is effective with it because he sheds blocks well and is virtually unblockable with just one man because of his motor, strength and overall athleticism, but to become a complete player and not just a bull rusher he will have to improve his pass rush moves. If he continues to play as hard as he has been this year in the NFL then he will have success in my opinion, especially if he works hard on improving his spin move to get off blocks. However he was virtually unknown before this season, so I have some concern as to whether or not he is just playing up to his ability for a NFL paycheck or whether the light finally came on for him. If it is the latter then he will pan out as a top 20 pick, but if it is the former he will likely become a bust like other interior defensive lineman have in the past.

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